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Why Is Xiaomi So Popular

Before 2015, the market for mobile phones was divided into two major factions: the expensive premium phones dominated by Samsung and Apple, and the budget devices filled by most other Android devices. You either had a really good phone that cost a fortune or a cheap knockoff that, while delivering on most user needs, faded away real fast.

Xiaomi exploded through the gap in the market with a range of affordable, high-quality phones with premium features most people could only dream of. Big screens, fast processors, great cameras and all at unbelievably low prices became very attractive to the middle-income person.

Like all other brands, Xiami has since diversified its range into high phones that can go so far as to compete with Samsung (Xiaomi Mi9) to the lower scaled ones like the Redmi Note series. All these phones offer incredible value for money.

Let us take a look at the general features that have skyrocketed Xiaomi to the second-best-selling phone brand in the world.

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Why Is Xiaomi So Popular

Durable Build Quality

Xiaomi has always strived to give the best in terms of hardware, and this includes the build of their phones. Even among the lower-priced phones, you will find many that come with a metal unibody giving them exceptional durability and stylish looks. Some of their phones that can answer ‘yes’ to this include the Xiaomi Mi A1, the budget RedMi 5A and the Mi Max.

Even when it comes to the polycarbonate bodies as found in the Redmi 6A, you get a solid phone that is able to handle a few knocks here and there without going kaput.

As testimony to their build quality, Xiaomi phones made in 2015 and later can still be found in pretty good quality with a lot lower wear and tear.


Great Screen Resolution

One of the first features that catch your eye is the resolution found on these phones. The majority of their phones in the intermediate price range come with full HD display, even rivaling established models like LG and Huawei.

Case in point, we have the Xiaomi the Redmi Note 7 that has consistently made it among the top ten best budget phones in 2019. Part of its success is because of a Full HD+IPS screen, sized at 6.3” and with a 19”5”9 aspect ratio.

Many Xiaomi phones are huge, with the screen to match. This is part of the major attraction to middle bracket consumers.


Another major plus for Xiaomi is its consistent use of Snapdragon processors. Many manufacturers go with the MediaTek brand, but these have a reputation for being sluggish under heavy load, as well as issues with overheating.

Not so with Snapdragon, whose processors are the ultimate smooth operators even under pressure. Snapdragon is the processor of choice for all major players, due to the confidence that consumers have in them.

Of course, the amount of processing power you get under the hood varies with the phone you buy, ranging from quadcore processors such as is found in the RedMi 5A (1.5GHz Cortex – A53) to the more powerful octa cores found in the likes of the Mi9 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 859).

Xiaomi phones are comparable to some of the top phone brands like iPhone or even Redmi phones. You can check out this iPhone 7 vs Redmi note 7 if you want to go with one of them. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Xiaomi will always be a cheaper and valuable option. However, quality lovers can’t rely on any other option than the iPhone.  Interestingly, this website gives you the option to get your iPhone repairing done at a reasonable price.


A powerful processor is useless without great RAM and cache to match. Xiaomi is a master at this, packing their phones flush full of memory for each price point. They range from a whole range of budget phones with 2GB of RAM to their flagships running 6GB and 8GB of RAM.

Xiaomi also excels when it comes to SSD memory. You can have intermediate models with 16GB of memory to the high-end ones running 128GB or even 256GB of internal memory.

Compared with more recognized brands, Xiaomi is no slacker and holds its head high in the memory department.


In this day of selfies, Instagram and social media billionaires, no phone is worth its weight in silver if it does not come with a decent camera. Xiaomi seems to understand this fact well, from looking at the cameras they place on their phones.

Their current flagship, the Mi9, features three cameras with a combined 20MP resolution at the rear and a front one rated at 12MP. For the intermediate phones like the RedMi note, you have a 12MP primary camera and a 2MP depth sensor, with 1080p video recording.

Their cameras aren’t just stunning, they stay that way too.


This is where you can best see the comparison between Xiaomi and other phones. They operate in the mid-level market range, with each of their phones priced considerably lower than their main competitors.

The biggest advantage you can get from Xiaomi is the quality you get for the money you pay, or otherwise loosely known as ‘bang for your buck.’ At any price point, you get a phone jam-packed with specs like processor power, camera resolution, memory, and screen.

Xiaomi’s biggest advantage lies in the quality of their hardware. Their phones are solidly built, have excellent performance and last indefinitely.

As for software, it may be a bit unsatisfactory with endless updates. Most people think that it is a small price to pay for everything else you get.


Xiaomi phones have taken the world by storm ever since they were introduced. Besides being the largest mobile phone manufacturer in China, it has gained massive popularity in India, Africa as well as a considerable foothold in Europe.

Worldwide, Xiomi is the second largest mobile phone manufacturer. This popularity is not by accident. They have been consistently making high-quality mobile phones for all price ranges. In the high end market, they are actually able to compete with established brands like Samsung and LG.

The other major reason they are so popular is because of their pricing. Xiaomi is able to keep prices low by cutting out the middleman and selling its phones directly through online platforms. This enables consumers to get high-quality phones for much less.

The bottom line is, Xiaomi is the brand to watch in the near future. They are not likely to give up their market share any time soon, but you should be prepared to spend more than they cost now. Either way, you can be sure of getting a reliable gadget from Mi.

If you compare the biggest difference between Xiaomi and iPhone is Price. However, both are for different segments of customers.  You can also get the benefit of your iPhone repair done at cheap from the website.

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