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Top reasons why good and smart architecture is important

In simple terms, architecture is the practice of building sound and sturdy structures for people to work in, reside in, or store materials. These structures also include roads, bridges, highways, airport runways, and more. However, this practice is not as simple as it sounds. Throughout the long and glorious history of the world, architecture has stood as a cornerstone of societal representation.

The study of architecture has helped us identify how the people lived ages ago and how we can advance their methods to build a better world for ourselves. There are countless ways in which architecture not only benefits us as an individual but society as a whole. We often tend to overlook the benefits provided by expert architects and take superb buildings and structures for granted. To help you gain a better understanding of this practice, here is a detailed view of the importance of architecture.

mart architecture

Architecture helps boost the quality of life

Living inside four closed walls without any design intricacies is not exactly interesting or comfortable. Imagine having no stairs, different bedrooms, demarcated washrooms, or separate kitchens. The entire space would look immensely redundant and plain. When good architecture is employed within four closed walls, one can design the space according to their needs and fancies.

The same goes for social structures like a bridge over a river. A plain bridge made of general materials is neither strong nor safe to use. However, when the same bridge is built using quality materials and with powerful foundations, it stays intact for ages. By adding such design intricacies such as beauty, sturdiness, and structural integrity, architecture is able to boost our quality of life. It helps us feel good and safe about the structures and buildings that we are using.

Architecture drives the economic flow

Undertaking architectural projects isn’t essentially a simple task. Good and sturdy architectural structures require a lot of funding, detailed planning and designing, and persistent efforts. Depending upon how extensive a structure or building needs to be, added efforts are put into its architectural design and construction.

For example, if a park is going to experience a footfall of thousands of people daily, the architects need to make ample space for escalators, elevators, walkways, parks, parking spaces, cafeteria, washrooms, and office spaces. Similarly, if a connecting bridge needs to make space for ships to pass through it, architects need to build smart bridges that can be retrieved back when a ship arrives.

However, the key with good architecture is that it takes all such intricacies into account and builds structures that cost less but drive immense economic flow. Since such projects require great planning and safety precautions, they are also prone to accidental damages or risks. In such a scenario, a natural question arises – “Do architects need professional indemnity insurance?” The simple answer to this is “yes”.

Owing to the risks that an architect undertakes in driving economic flow via their designs, they are also prone to legal claims filed by their clients on account of breach of professional duty. BizCover provides Professional Indemnity Insurance to architects, enabling them to pay legal fees and damages payments without incurring any heavy financial losses.

Architecture keeps us safe and secure

Long gone are the days when humans lived in open caves and struggled to survive. In our fast-moving digital world, it is crucial for us to live and work in secure spaces where we are always safe and sound. Architecture makes this possible for us in more ways than we can possibly imagine.

It doesn’t just help us sleep soundly inside four closed wars but also provides us systems using which we can add additional layers of protection in our lives. Consider a sturdy underground metro system to travel within the city or fire alarms placed strategically around our house. We see that architecture makes it possible for us to spend our days with immense peace of mind.

Architecture propels us towards progress

As architecture advances and innovations in the field gain perspective, we are taking one step forward towards a progressive future. There was a time when living in straw huts was considered the peak of civilization. However, architecture has helped us realize the potential of human minds and our thirst to develop better solutions and live more comfortably. With innovative and efficient architectural designs, an advanced and powerful future for all is no longer a distant dream.


Architecture enhances and secures our lives in ways that we usually tend to overlook or ignore. Every facet of our life is driven by good and smart architecture. Whether it’s our house, an office building, a shopping mall, or an underground metro transit system, architecture can be found in every inch around us. If you are an architect who lives to design structurally sound and designer spaces, you are adding more to society than numerous other professions are. Your job isn’t easy and realising the importance of architecture is the stepping stone to giving this practice its due credit and accolades.

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