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What Are The Benefits That Come With Roof Cleaning

Homeowners go to great lengths to keep their homes looking neat and tidy. Mowing the grass, power washing the deck and siding, shoveling the walkway, repainting are all things that need to be done. Roof cleaning, on the other hand, is what most homeowners overlook.

Your roof and gutters may be less of an attractive element in keeping your house clean and stylish, but that doesn’t make them any less necessary to maintain. It is, in truth, among the most essential areas of the house to keep clean. Unlike several other home improvements that homeowners can be concerned about, cleaning your roof may help you prevent costly harm.

We understand that not everybody is an experienced roofer.  We’ll go through four things you should know about the value of cleaning services so you can get started before you actually need repairs. Follow the link if you want to know more

Benefits That Come With Roof Cleaning

Prevent the formation of ice dams

Ice dams are ice ridges that grow at the edge during the winter. These may grow bigger and bigger if you don’t clean the ice and/or debris off your roof after a storm or after a snowfall.

When the snow melts, it might freeze at the edge, creating an ice dam. This prohibits water from draining away from the top, causing the issue to worsen over time.

Ice dams could cause significant damage. They can lead to further issues like leaks, shingle or surface damage, dangerous icicle development, and gutter damage. Ice jams can be avoided by cleaning and removing any snow or debris from it. Since inexperience can lead to more damage or physical injury, it’s necessary to either do this very carefully or employ a roofing professional to clean it thoroughly.

Prevent algae, lichens, and moss

Prevent algae, lichens, and moss

You and your family are protected from the atmosphere, the weather, and nature in general by the roof over your head. That means it’s constantly exposed to all of those elements, which means dirt, water, leaves, plants, and other debris can eventually find their way onto the very top of your house.

The issue is that rain and snow will make your roof look clean when dirt, moss, lichen, and algae are present all across it (especially on the side that gets less sun).

Just because these items aren’t noticeable doesn’t mean they aren’t posing a threat to you and your house. They can also trigger visual issues, such as the roof being blotchy and painted with darker green and blue splotches on different parts of it.

Moss, algae, and lichens, if they are not removed entirely will shorten its lifespan and make it more likely that you’ll need to repair it earlier. They can also cause gutter and shingle damage. Can you face all of those unavoidable costs, especially in a pandemic? Probably, not.

Furthermore, these items can host mold spores, which can result in mold growth. Mold can have a variety of adverse health effects in your home. You might not notice it at first, but as soon as the air quality deteriorates and you start to see dark spots on a particular surface, you are dealing with mold.

Cleaning services will remove and prevent the growth of algae, moss, and lichen on your roof. Cleaning as soon as you encounter some of this growth will help to minimize any possible harm. If you are able to do it on your own, do it as quickly as possible. But if not, turn to professionals.

Forget about damage to the shingles

Ice dams, falling debris, and algae growth can cause shingle damage if you don’t clean your roof. Damaged or broken shingles can cause severe issues to it, such as mold spores, water damage to the top and interior of your house, mold and/or fungal growth, and a reduction in power efficiency (increased power bills).

Shingle damage is particularly bad in the winter. If shingles are not washed properly, debris, snow, or ice can quickly damage or destroy them. Water will seep into the roof, walls, and other areas as a result of this.

When water freezes, it can cause cracks in the roof, walls, and foundation. This is not only very costly to repair, but it is also very dangerous to the structural integrity of your house. Cleaning it regularly, or hiring a professional to do so, will help to reduce the risk of shingle damage.

This is the perfect solution for those that don’t know how to handle proper cleaning. Hiring professionals and coming up with roof maintenance plans can actually pay off a lot in the future because it can save you a lot of money.

Avoid wood rot

Excess water starting to seep into it can be caused by moss and algae and ice dams, and shingle damage. This increases your risk of having frozen water damage, leaks, and rotting. Water leaking into the wood of your roof or home can cause severe rotting, which can be very costly to fix. You will need a new brand new one if the damage is serious.

To avoid this from happening, make sure your roof is properly cleaned and maintained. Wood rot is frequently unnoticed by residents, so you might not be aware that it is occurring. Another justification for regular and thorough cleanings is to ensure the health and sustainability of your roof.

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