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5 Ways ATV Machines Boost Farm Life and Work

ATV machines, or more commonly known as All-Terrain Vehicles, have been a staple “companion” for farmers. Particularly, ATVs are quite useful when it comes to tending to the farmer’s ranches and ensuring that all fieldwork is accomplished exceptionally. Design-wise, ATVs are built to run around a variety of vast fields, making it just as dependable as a farmer’s trusty tractor.

The four-stroke engine used in ATVs with or without deviant race parts is one of the main reasons behind its durability. Ideally, farmers should opt for one that’s powered by a 125cc 4 stroke engine reverse if they want high performing and flexible equipment.

But there is more to what an ATV can do than be conveniently driven around fields and terrains, especially in a farm setting.

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5 Ways ATV Machines Boost Farm Life and Work

Here are 5 of the ideal ways that ATV machines can aid every farmer’s daily workload:

1. Overseeing Farm Animals

Most of the time, it can be quite challenging to tend to all the farm animals and ensure that they do not stray too far from the fields. ATVs are easy to drive around and maneuver even in a land covered in crops and animal manure. It becomes highly convenient for when cattle and horses become too stubborn or scatter across the field. ATVs also help farmers quickly catch farm animals trying to flee out of fear and discomfort during their scheduled vaccination.

2. Mowing and Plowing

Mowing grass and plowing fields are two of the staple work that farmers need to accomplish regularly. ATVs can be modified to imitate the work of a tractor and a lawnmower. Simply adding the right attachments and tools, such as a disc plow, chisel plow, or a mower deck to the vehicle, enables it to prep the field for planting different produce and crops, while grooming and maintaining the fields.

3. Transporting Different Produce

ATVs also come in handy in carrying around a hefty amount of produce and even materials used in securing the farm. ATVs with a 125cc 4stroke engine reverse can drive around for hours at long distances. Not only that, ATVs are big on size for a specific reason; and that is to bear twice as much weight without compromising the item’s quality and security.

4. Cleaning Up Rubbish

Similar to how ATVs can be transformed into an improvised lawnmower or tractor, rake attachments can also be combined with an ATV. The old-school way of raking up rubbish along the fields is too tiresome and time-consuming. Attaching a rake to an ATV speeds up the process and even makes for a more spotless and favorable result.

5. Propagating Seeds & Distributing Fertilizers

Driving in an ATV makes it easier and more convenient to travel across a wide field. To expand this convenience to a farmer’s advantage, they can attach spreaders to the vehicle and disperse seeds or scatter fertilizer to plants more quickly and evenly.

Farm life is known for the minimalism and hard work it entails to maintain and harvest good produce. As such, it is not surprising how the simple use of a heavy-duty vehicle can already provide many advantages and improvements. By pairing it with the right tools, ATV is undoubtedly a multi-purpose partner for farming.

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