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Want To Extract Pages From PDF? Here Are Some Nifty Tricks To Do That

Asked to extract pages from PDF and don’t know how to do it? Well, fret not because you are reading the right article. Whether you are working from home or in an office setting, PDF editing skills are important to have in your arsenal. You don’t know the exact time you might need them, so having them as stock knowledge should serve well in your favor.

Read below for the best tricks and tips with regard to PDF extracting. Memorize them by heart so the next time you are asked the same task, you’ll have a piece of working knowledge on what to do:

Want To Extract Pages From PDF

Use a browser-based web application

One of the many benefits of the internet’s presence is that not only are we more connected than ever, more and more administrative duties, as well as functions, can now be ported over online. Case in point, if you want to extract pages from a PDF, you can just go to any browser and type in PDF Bear, and in minutes, the work will be done. Not many are privy to the fact that browser-based web applications can extract PDF as clean as dedicated PDF software does.

So if you want to have more flexibility in your choices, going online is the right thing to do. When you go the browser-based application route, you won’t need to be tied to your device that’s preinstalled with a powerful PDF editor. What’s great about online web applications is that it makes everything accessible, plus it is lightweight and effective! There’s really no downside to using it!

And you won’t need to ask yourself how to extract pages from PDF, because the answer is right there in front of you. On the site’s uploader, upload the file you want to extract pages from, wait for the operation to finish and once it’s done, go through the instructions. In less than ten minutes, you’ll have a brand new extracted PDF file!

Highlight pages for easier extraction

Whether you are using a browser-based web application like PDF Bear’s suite of PDF applications or a dedicated PDF editor, a nifty trick to extract easier is going to the thumbnail view of the document, choose the pages you want to be extracted, and highlight them. This identifies the featured pages as the one to be extracted and will prompt the application to close in on them.

The process of selecting pages from the document can be a time-consuming task, especially if you’re working with a lengthy PDF. You want to cut down your time in half so that you have more time for important core functions. With this highlighting trick, your work will be faster and more streamlined.

Use a lightweight but feature-rich PDF reader

A powerful PDF reader need not be heavy – both in file size and its need for working memory. Extracting pages from a PDF can be a complicated task for the PDF application you have pre-installed in your work computer, but with the right specs, you shouldn’t worry about what’s happening in the background at all. Using dedicated PDF readers and editors are recommended when you have a file that’s more than 50MB in size.

Now, what’s the best PDF reader to download and install? There is no one answer to that because the perfect PDF editor depends on your needs. The premier ones, those that you need to have a monthly subscription to access, will give you advanced features, as well as pro operating modes. If you’re an average user, which means you don’t edit PDF every day, browser-based applications should suffice.


With more and more people working from home, it’s understandable that having a great Internet connection is needed. When administrative work, like editing a PDF, and specifically extracting pages from it crops up, and you are asked to do it, it’s great always to have previous know-how on how these things work. With the tricks listed above, you’ll easily cope!


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