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Tips to Make Your Shade Sail Last Longer

Once you purchase and install a shade sail on your residential property, it’s essential to know how to maintain it. Some homeowners think they can clean shade sails with just a water hose. This should not be the only cleaning method used for shade sails as water alone can’t clean the fabric efficiently.

You can find various steps to clean and maintain your shade sails properly. These methods should be followed correctly by owners to ensure it lasts longer. Even if you had bought high-quality Shade Sails Online from a well-known company, it wouldn’t matter if you cannot take care of it as efficiently as possible.

Tips to Make Your Shade Sail Last Longer

Proper Installation of Shade Sails

The best and simplest method to ensure longer lasting shade sails is through proper installation. Homeowners can buy Shade Sails Online and install it themselves. You should never install them on your own if you haven’t had any experience with the installation process. It’s best to hire professionals or have the shade sail company’s employees do the installation to avoid any issues.

You will know if your shade sails aren’t correctly installed when you notice several issues such as weak fixing points, attachment accessories coming off, or fabric tearing due to overstretching. If you observe these happening to your newly installed shade sail after only a few months, make sure to call an expert contractor to reinstall it correctly as soon as possible.

Inspect Edges, Posts, and Fabrics Constantly

Even after contractors promised you that they installed the shade sails correctly, you should still be on the lookout for any damage that may suddenly arrive. You don’t necessarily have to check it every day. The best practice is to inspect it at least once a year to prevent any issues from becoming irreparable.

When inspecting edges, ensure that it’s not too loose, especially if it was stretched for a long time. You should also inspect the posts as these hold up the entire sail. They tend to get wobbly after a year or two, particularly when the ground it was installed on is soft. Lastly, the fabric should have no tear whatsoever. Even a small tear can cause water to pass through. If it rains and you’re not aware that it has tiny holes and tears, the furniture placed under the shade sail will most likely get wet.

Consistent Cleaning

Constant cleaning is also one of the critical ways to make shade sails last longer. While some shade sails don’t need a ton of maintenance, different debris such as dry leaves or dead insects can stay on top of the fabric. Leaving them there for a long time can cause the fabric to stain, which may become too problematic to remove. You should at least clean the surface of the shade sail every few weeks. The preferred cleaning method is to use mild detergents to prevent the fabric from getting damaged.

Dismantle Shade Sails When Not Used

Take the shade sails down if you notice the weather isn’t going to be nice. Harsh weather such as heavy winds and hard rain can potentially damage it. Even if the fabric is tough and durable, your main objective is to prevent any damage from harsh conditions to make it last longer.

Taking care of shade sails isn’t laborious at all when you have a maintenance system to follow. Hopefully, these maintenance tips can help you prevent major issues from occurring in the long run.

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