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Things to Know Before Trying Online Dating

In a bid to find love and romance, more people are turning to dating sites for quick solutions. This is the same concept that was stigmatized because it was perceived to be a venue meant for desperate people. But today, it is a normal aspect of human mating relationships.

A study of nineteen thousand correspondents showed that thirty-five percent of married couples between 2005 and 2012 met online. Almost half of them met on online dating sites. So, if you are still wondering how such sites can help your romantic adventure, keep reading to see the pros and cons of online dating.

Online Dating

Pros of Online Dating Sites

Here are reasons to use dating sites:

1. Access to a Large Network of People

Such sites provide their members with access to different types of personalities from different parts of the world. This is an obvious benefit because you can have multiple potential dates. So, for those who do not have a big social circle or are too busy to meet new people around their locality, this is especially beneficial.

Additionally, you will not just be meeting so many people, you will also meet with people of like minds. Some dating sites are devoted to specific religious groups such as JDate or Christian Mingle. You can also find one that caters to lesbian and gay daters.

2. You Won’t Be Afraid of Rejection

Unlike physical social venues, the fear of rejection is ruled out in online social spaces. At most, you already know the status of those there – single and searching. This eliminates the complexities that people face when they meet individuals they are attracted to in a party or work event. Because everyone on the site is looking for love, the possibility of turning down date requests and possible relationships after that is low.

3. Societal Gender Roles Can Be Reversed

When it comes to online affairs, the gender roles as perceived by society become null and void. Due to the relative anonymity and ease of using the sites, you can take risks by contacting those who you may ordinarily not approach offline.

Also, society expects that men should approach women when seeking romance. But online, roles are swapped as women can also approach men. Hence, such platforms are allowing women to break traditional walls that have cast them into playing passive roles of waiting until someone approaches them.

4. It Favors Shy People

Online Dating

If you are a shy person or become anxious when you are around people, especially those you are meeting for the first time, online romance platforms are good for you. Via such platforms, it will be easy for you to form and maintain a close relationship with someone you like but may be shy to approach offline.

Introverts and socially anxious persons are more comfortable with online communication. This is because it is easier for them to meet and open up to people there. Therefore, we are not surprised that such individuals turn to date sites when seeking romance.

Cons of Online Dating Sites

Here are the drawbacks of dating sites:

1. An Abundance of Options Could Lead to Confusion

Because the sites offer access to a wide network of people, the options of whom to date are numerous. While this may be good, it could also lead to confusion. In decision-making, when you have several choices at your disposal, any single choice may be less satisfying.

Misery may set in when you do not have choices, but when they are too many, you may feel overwhelmed. This can even leave you worrying that you have chosen wrong. For example, when you want to buy a car and there are just 3 options, you can confidently decide.

But if the available options are in hundreds or thousands, you may discover that you are constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering if you made the right choice. This principle also applies to finding love online; alarge number of members create room for abundant choice.

Hence, if a dater does not fit your specs, there are several others who are better. But you may end up passing a potential date because you will keep thinking that someone better is out there. You may want to check out to learn how to make the right choice.

2. Most Profiles Hide Vital Information

Some people do not like to put up vital information online and this is not different on dating sites. You will discover that most profiles hide certain information that you would only know when you meet with the person physically. This is due to the fact that what people search for on those platforms are physical attributes such as body type and height, education, and income.

In actual fact, what people should search for is information that will help them interact with and get to know who is on the profile. Additionally, people tend to mentally fill the blank spaces with details that might be wrong when the information they have about someone is vague.

For instance, when a certain profile reads that the person is a movie freak, you may think it is a common ground for you both. By the time the communication progresses, you will realize that the other person loves horror flicks while you prefer foreign films.

3. The Main Focus is on Physical Looks

The sites place much priority on physical looks. This is not surprising because even in physical relationships, a person’s looks are the main factor for attraction, especially the first attraction. Ever heard about love at first sight? That’s where it comes from.

As a result, people who are good-looking are quite successful at finding love online. However, when it comes to forming relationships offline, we try to know the person and like them before we start discovering that their physical looks appeal more to us.

Making quick decisions based on online pictures does not give room for this kind of slow development of attraction. You may end up dismissing a potential mate to whom you could be attracted later. You may want to read this article on the myths about dating online.


Online dating sites have helped many people connect with potential mates. We discussed the pros and cons of using them. They are useful for introverts and shy people. However, do not solely depend on them; you may consider expanding your network to meet other people offline.

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