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Visit ‘Little Norway’: 8 Things To Do in Poulsbo, Washington

Despite the small population, the allure of Poulsbo, WA is sublime and vast. Travelers love to visit this smallest city in Kitsap county to enjoy the historical wonders of both Native and Nordic American culture.

A day in downtown Poulsbo has so much to offer. If it’s your first time visiting Poulsbo, you should spend hours sampling delicious local food or strolling through historic walking trails. Enjoy the most out of your visit by getting to know more about this “Little Norway” in Washington.

Things To Do in Poulsbo, Washington

Where Is Poulsbo Located?

Poulsbo is a city located on Liberty Bay in the Kitsap Peninsula, connected by a bridge. It’s the fourth largest city in Kitsap County and one of the main suburbs of Seattle. If you ride from Seattle, it’ll take you just under an hour and a half. If you prefer a much faster route, you can take the gorgeous ferry crossing.

Quick History

The culture of Poulsbo is an unusual mixture of cultures and events. Established as a fishing village by the Suquamish Native American people, it later became known as “Little Norway” because of Scandinavians, and previously, the Nordic region of Europe.

The land’s rich natural resources and similarities to Scandinavia attracted the attention of settlers and soon became a hot spot for Nordic culture. The area also acted as the winter home of Chief Sealth, which the city of Seattle was named after.

What to Do in Poulsbo?

Poulsbo is more than just a historic city filled with museums and parks. If you plan to visit soon, these are the different attractions and events you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Go Sightseeing at Poulsbo Marina Gazebo

Poulsbo offers many enticing opportunities for you to take in the splendor of nature. If you want the best vires with easy access, visit Poulsbo Marina Gazebo, which you can find on the edge of the Liberty Bay waterfront.

It’s a great location for special occasions (a romantic spot if you’re planning to propose) with sweeping views of sailboats and relaxing water.

2. Join The Viking Fest

During summers, you can even enjoy small street fairs and live music performances on the Poulsbo waterfront. One of which is the Viking fest which is held annually on the 3rd of July. Although canceled for this year 2021 due to COVID-19, the Viking festival will return in all its in 2022.

The event celebrates all things Nordic. You’ll find eating contests, parades, street food vendors, people dressed as Vikings, and many more!

3. Hike at Poulsbo Wilderness Trail or Poulsbo Fish Park

Visit the Wilderness Trail and Fish Park for tranquil hikes, colorful murals, magnificent views of the water, and perhaps delight in the stunning backdrop of the glaciated Mt. Rainier. If you want a peaceful place away from the crowd, the area boasts impressive forests filled with meadows, meandering streams, and lush ferns.

Usually, the number of visitors increases as the weather becomes warmer. But don’t let that prevent you from taking up a journey through the natural beauty of Poulsbo.

4. Taste Authentic Poulsbo Pastries

As you stroll around different museums and parks, why don’t you take an authentic Poulsbo snack with you? Go straight to Sluy’s Bakery, which is at Front Street Northeast 18924 Poulsbo, WA, on Liberty Bay.

It’s a family-run bakery specializing in local bread and pastries that are only made here. Their delicacies work perfectly as a snack to accompany a long day of hiking and sightseeing!

5. Explore Poulsbo Marine Science Center

This aquarium and museum space is free to the public and offers kids and adults alike the chance to interact with the diverse marine ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. You’ll get to hold a starfish, watch an octopus swim, and count the bones of a massive whale skeleton.

6. Try Sangria at Paella Bar

Bring your appetite when you come to Poulsbo. The town is filled with good places to eat, boasting cuisine inspired by Pacific Northwest and the world.

Hit up Paella Bar. It’s an upscale tapas spot catering exceptional Spanish food in the heart of Poulsbo. Whatever combination of tapas you pick, make sure to pair it with a glass of their excellent sangria.

7. Hunt for Antiques

If you’re looking for indoor fun, try antiquing at Poulsbo’s many vintage shops. The city has a strong reputation for unique finds and good deals.

Poulsbo offers you another way to explore the past through vintage shops. For the best finds, try visiting the shop Red Plantation.

8. Celebrate Chief Seattle Days

In Poulsbo, the annual celebration of the Native American Leader’s legacy, Chief Seattle Days, is held for three days. On the weekend, it’s filled with different attractions such as canoe races, dancing, drumming, sports tournaments, and traditional food!

When Are You Planning To Visit?

Between the picturesque mountains, artsy vintage shops, tasty delicacies, and ideal locations near the bay, a trip in Poulsbo is quite heavenly. With so many activities you can enjoy in this city, it’s surely worth the visit. Once you decide to travel to this charming Norwegian town, don’t forget to check out the rules and regulations for travel, especially during the pandemic.

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