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Top Things To Avoid When Hiring Movers

Shifting from one location to the other can be quite frustrating and hectic, especially if you lack proper prior preparation. To avoid a stressful moving experience, you need to have the right team of movers by your side. Having a moving company that you can trust is the best way to stay on top of tasks and have a stress-free move. Here are some of the things to avoid while hiring movers.

Not Giving Clear Details Of What You Are Moving

This another common blunder that is likely to occur while you are hiring movers. Giving the exact inventory of what you are moving enables the company to provide you with an accurate quote. With the recent improvement of technology, movers can take your inventory through an email or simply a phone call. Make a list of everything that you are moving so that the company can give you an accurate price. You will be able to avoid misunderstandings about prices by taking this crucial step.

Things To Avoid When Hiring Movers

Going For The Least Expensive Mover

Most people hear the phrase cheap is expensive but sit opt for the cheapest company. This is a common mistake made by a majority of people who are planning on moving. They go for the cheap option. Most of the time, this option ends up being a bad decision because the staff lacks adequate training, which is crucial when it comes to this kind of activity. Therefore, while choosing a long distance moving company, it is advised that you take your time and effort and research on the mover’s company suitable with your budget and has good ratings from previous clients. Remember, it is best to spend money on a good company than having your items damaged or lost, which means you will spend more on repairs and replacements.

Not Receiving An Estimate In Writing

Regardless of how big or small, your move is, you need to have a written estimate from the movers. Whether given in person or sent to you via email, always ensure that you have one, confirm that the writing contains all vital details ranging from the cost of the move, service offered, and the ones not rendered. It will save you from unnecessary pandering.

Not Enquiring about Extra Charges That You Might Incur

This another common mistake that is overlooked by both the movers and clients. Some long distance moving companies will never tell you about the extra charges until you ask about them yourself. Once they have sent you a written estimate about the prices, ask if the drawn cost covers everything ranging from fuel, insurance, and other key services during the moving exercise. You should also ask if they charge extra for moving heavy furniture and equipment, especially if they charge per distance moved.

Not Checking The Reputation Of Movers/Moving Companies

It is advisable to check online for the comments that the previous clients have left on any sites about the moving company. You will get to know if they are a trustworthy moving company and what to expect in terms of quality of services. Hiring movers without doing proper background checks on them is dangerous as you may end up hiring unlicensed and uninsured movers. Do not call the movers you first get near you and be in a rush. Take your time and compare different moving companies to know which one is suitable for the kind of move you are planning.

Not Booking In Advance

Everybody knows that doing things last minute often leads to disasters. You want to avoid any mishaps during the move, so it is best to book the moving company in advance. If you book them earlier, you can also call them to see if they can confirm the moving date and other details such as arrival times and parking rules around your building.

Not Informing The Movers Of Unusual Situations Regarding The move

If you want to have a smooth moving experience, make sure you disclose any unusual situations. It could be items that need special packaging, very fragile furniture, or a pet situation.

One last tip, do not forget to hire a babysitter if you have small kids, as it can get overwhelming when moving with kids.

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