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Sun Loungers | Tips For Getting The Best Garden & Deck Chairs

Having a lovely garden, deck, or patio means you have room to make your life better. First of all, you and your family will spend more time together. In the summer months, you could be outside during the day, reading a book or simply drinking a few glasses of wine after dinner. As it gets a bit colder, you could light a fire and enjoy the company of your closest friends while having a few beers.

Yet, none of that would be possible without some cozy chairs and complementary furniture to make everyone feel great. With a bit of careful planning, you can make your yard a place suited for entertainment, dinners, and lounging. We’ll give you a few tips that will make it easier for you. Click here to read more.

Best Garden & Deck Chairs

Some chair legs can be too skinny

Having a deck is wonderful. You can set up a nice grill and invite some neighbors or friends on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a beautiful and sunny day. However, all the spontaneous moments can go away pretty quickly if the chair legs sink into the deck every time you try to move them.

Imagine how awkward it can be to remind every guest to pay attention to how they’re sitting and moving. That can suck up all the fun from a gathering. If you have a deck and you want to complement it with a nice set of chairs, be careful around the legs. Make sure they are wide enough, so they don’t fall between the boards.

Don’t buy the cheapest things

Price is often the determining factor when we go shopping. It’s quite lucrative to buy a premade garden set with sun loungers from Walmart or IKEA, as that’s not always the best option. Usually, the price range between low-end and high-end outdoor furniture will differ by a few hundred dollars.

When you’re buying something that will last for a few years, it’s essential to put money on the side and look for quality. Many people that buy cheap tables and chairs regret their choices and end up spending more money because they aren’t satisfied with the products.

For example, the seating may slide every time you try to sit down. That’s incredibly annoying for you and for your guests. Additionally, if you have a dog, it doesn’t understand that the new table can fold itself if it gets touched in the wrong way.

A short game of catch could cause many more chores where you have to reattach some plastic parts. The lesson here is that if a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. The only thing you can get from the cheapest products is flimsiness and lightweight plastic.

Best Garden & Deck Chairs

Plan for rainy days

Since the primary purpose of outdoor furniture is to be outside, it makes sense for it to be completely waterproof, right? Well, a lot of homeowners think the same way, and they end up making mistakes. For starters, cushions that are water repellant are not waterproof. Follow this link for more info

If there’s a downpour, they’ll become soggy, and it will take forever for them to dry completely. Even if they dry off, you’ll have a case of mildew and mold to take care of. The only thing these cushions will be good for will be the trash can. If you have iron chairs and tables, they’ll be susceptible to rust. You’ll have to repaint them every few months.

If the wood isn’t handled correctly, it can rot and break. Whenever you see the elements approaching, you need to have a plan. First of all, bring the cushions inside. If you don’t have any room, you can put them up vertically. This will repel the water, and it won’t make them soggy. Another alternative is nylon. Put up some sheets and cover the entire place if you can, or use a few covers.

A few final words

The main goal of spending time outside should be enjoyment and not maintenance. It pays off to invest in easy-care furniture that minimizes the time you’ll need to spend on upkeep. If you clean it every once in awhile, it will last for years, and it will look wonderful every following season.

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