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Summer Tennis is Ending, What Does Fall Tennis Look Like?

The year 2020 started with the inaugural tournament ATP Cup with Serbia emerged as winner as Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in the final showdown. The tour went frequently afterward with again, Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open for a record eighth-time. Till February, all things went pretty smoothly.

After this, coronavirus spread throughout the world. Indian Wells became the first tournament to be suspended with this pandemic. Afterward, tournament after tournament started to suspend. Olympics 2020 has been shifted to 2021, Wimbledon 2020 has been canceled. French Open has been postponed to September.

The ATP tour resumed with Western & Southern Open in August, originally played in Cincinnati but due to Covid-19, played in New York. Novak Djokovic again emerged as the winner. Djokovic is among those players who uses a tennis vibration dampener.

The US Open, also held in New York, saw the dramatic exit of Novak Djokovic and the first-time winner, Dominic Thiem lifting the trophy after losing the Australian Open final against Djokovic.

Fall Tennis

The summer tennis has ended and now we are entering into fall tennis. With a couple of months remaining in the year 2020, we are expecting a smooth set of tournaments to be held in the coming months. The tennis grip types are also important to your game since you sweat a lot and a proper tennis grip will help you while you are hitting your shots.

We are now in the last week of September, in which the French Open is scheduled. Rafael Nadal is the three-time defending champion and now look to extend his unrealistic record of 12 French Open titles. Although Djokovic and co will be ready to give a tough time to the Spaniard. Dominic Thiem had faced Nadal in the last two French Open finals but this time they won’t be meeting in the final, rather if they remain unbeaten, they will have a semifinal clash as both the players are in the same half of the draw.


Two ATP Tour 500 and five ATP Tour 250 tournaments are scheduled for the month of October. St. Petersburg Open in Russia and Vienna Open in Austria are the two ATP Tour 500 tournaments.


The month of November is the closing month of the ATP Tour. It normally ends with NextGen ATP Finals, ATP World Tour Finals, and Davis Cup Finals. But this time, the Paris Masters 1000, which is normally scheduled for the last week of October, and ATP Tour 500 Sofia Open, which normally played in the month of February, will be played in the month of November.

Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball? It is because the tennis racquet can grip the ball and players are able to generate the topspin on the ball. The ATP Tour resumed in late August leaving nothing much behind to accommodate all the tournaments that have been suspended earlier in the year.NextGen ATP Finals will not be held this year and similarly,Laver Cup and Davis Cup Finals for this year are also scheduled in the year 2021.There are a total of 38 tournaments that have been canceled this year.

With the majority of the tour and tournaments get affected by Covid-19 this year, now we are heading into the 2021 season starting with the ATP Cup in January. We hope to see a smooth ATP Tour as we are accustomed to seeing the tour.

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