Saturday, 13 Jul 2024

5 Spring/Summer Trends You Need to Know About

This year, the fashion weeks in Paris and Milano were bolder than ever, with brands presenting both extravagant outfits perfect for the runway and wearable trends that we’re sure will be everywhere in the upcoming months. If you want to welcome the warm days in style, you need to start shopping now, and here are the latest trends to keep in mind before changing your wardrobe this season:

Spring Summer Trends

Little White Dress

The little black dress is a well-known classic that can’t really surprise anyone, yet this season is all about colors. Swap the timeless black color for the not-any-less-classic white and you’ll get a perfect garment for a sunny day or a sophisticated night event. Let go of the stereotype that white makes you look bigger: choosing the right fit for your body type will help you look trendy and carefree. Make sure to not overpower the outfit with edgy accessories and opt for lightweight sandals, minimalist jewelry, and thin knit cardigans instead.


The bow trend has been everywhere on TikTok for a few months now, and it obviously couldn’t go unnoticed by the big brands. This spring/summer season is all about hyper-feminine outfits like long, flowy dresses, ruffled tops, pastel colors, and of course dainty jewelry that complements the overall ensemble. From tying bows and lace into your hair to wearing romantic floral chokers, the goal is to make you look like you just came out of ballet practice.

Precious Stones & Metals

It seems like the era of plastic earrings and cheap layered necklaces is finally over, and we once again come back to the ageless silver and gold jewelry. This season is all about precious metals and stones, especially cultural pieces that feature ancient symbols and help you show off your heritage with style. Irish earrings, for instance, are a perfect example: the high-quality silver and gold combined with stones like emerald or amethyst result in an exclusive adornment ideal for the springtime. Pieces such as Irish earrings not only make you look trendy and chic, but also help you make a statement and transform even the most basic outfit into a refined ensemble.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are nothing new – after all they’ve been a staple in the wardrobe of any lady who works a corporate job – yet the stylists still managed to surprise fashionistas this year. Instead of the classic black cotton pencil skirt, go for much more unconventional and daring pieces like the ones made of faux leather or even latex. When it comes to the color, the bolder the better, especially if you pair it with a regular base layer like a white tank top or a cream crew neck sweater.

Crochet Clothing

If you’ve wanted to pick up a new hobby for a while but didn’t know what exactly to go for, crocheting might be your go-to option this year, as crochet garments will be at the peak of their popularity. Whether we’re talking about a bolero, cardigan, or maxi dress, this clothing offers a fun and unique way to upgrade your style game. Crochet garments are all about exciting patterns and distinctive combinations of shades, and since during springtime there’s definitely no such thing as too much color, the brighter you go, the more captivating your outfits look.

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