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5 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Try In 2021

After the holidays, it’s time to start the year right with a clean home. It’s not just about dusting off the cabinets and vacuuming the floors; it’s about spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning means cleaning the whole house inch by inch. Usually, spring cleaning happens before the year ends as it helps to welcome the new year with a clean home, attracting positive energy for the whole year. Nothing’s better than being able to start the year right.

To get yourself started with spring cleaning, listed below are the ideas and tips that you could try for a more effective cleaning session in your home:


1. De-clutter Everything

Start your spring cleaning by throwing away everything that you don’t need in your home. Yes, that can be quite difficult, especially when you think you might use an item after a few weeks. However, you need to face reality. That item had been sitting on your cabinet for years, and you kept on telling yourself that you’re going to use it, but always end up forgetting it.

During spring cleaning, there’ll be chances that you’re going to throw out a lot of stuff that cannot fit in your garbage bin. What you can do is hire a same-day rubbish removal service that could help you dispose of all of your waste. You can browse this site to check if your area is available for the service.

2. Start from Top to Bottom

When cleaning a room, you should always start from top to bottom as dust particles might fall off the floor, making you clean the floor over and over.

If you have a vacuum with an extension hose, utilize it by cleaning away the cobwebs and dust particles accumulated in the ceiling. If you notice any formation of molds, especially in your kitchen, you should remove them immediately with proper household cleaning tools as they can be unhealthy for the house and your health.

After cleaning your ceiling, you should clean your shelves and cabinets’ interior and exterior to make them clean again. You can choose to repaint if you’d like to start the year with a fresh look. Follow it up with cleaning the rest of your furniture down to your dishes.

Lastly, clean your floor tiles by sweeping and mopping them thoroughly or deep clean your carpet floor with a steam cleaner.

3. Don’t Forget Your Doors, Windows, and Walls

When it comes to cleaning your home, you should never forget your doors, windows, and walls. You may not notice it, but they get dirty too. You can clean them with warm water and a towel, and you should wipe them well, ensuring that you got everything covered.

You should be cleaning every part of your house, from your living room down to your bathrooms.

Moreover, you shouldn’t just clean your doors and windows, but you should also check if they have any leaks or require repainting. If you see leaks, it could be a sign of water intrusion, and you may need to seal any bare areas between the wall and frame to prevent water from coming in.

4. Deep Clean Your Furniture and Mattress

It may seem normal to you as you see it every day, but when you get the chance to clean your couch and mattress deeply, you’d be surprised how dirty they got through the whole year.

You should deep clean your couch, mattress, carpet, or any cushion that you may have at home. In this way, you could start the year with fresh cushions, allowing you to have a clean and healthy home.

5. Clean Your Kitchenware Too

You might think you don’t need to do intensive cleaning with your kitchenware because you clean them every day. You should consider deep cleaning your microwave, oven, countertops, cutting boards, fridge, pots, and pans.

While on the note of cleaning your kitchenware, you should clean the drains as well. Your sink drain can accumulate a ton of food particles that could clog up your sink, causing inconvenience. You can create a mixture of 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of vinegar. This should generate a fizz when poured into your sink that helps to clean your sink pipes.


Spring cleaning can be a tiring event, but the outcome will be worth it. Nothing beats welcoming the new year with good food and clean home.

A tidy home should set up how you want your new year to be, and it’ll be a great idea to start it clean and fresh. Remember to clean every part of your house, from the ceiling down to your floors. You shouldn’t miss one spot to see if some things need replacement or repair. Spring cleaning will help to keep your house in pristine condition year after year.

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