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How To Get The Right Running Sunglasses?

The most important part of your body is your eyes and proper care must be given to them. Running is important to keep healthy and fit, so when you are running, to protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiations of the sun, and also the pollutants in the air is very important.

Sunglasses are the solution to this and a good pair of sunglasses like Running On Om by Goodr helps you in not only getting an excellent run but also keeps your eyes healthy and in good shape. When running outside, the shades are a necessary thing as your eyes require protection just like your skin.

Running Sunglasses

 Lens Tints And Lens Coatings

For different exterior lighting types, there are various types of lenses. Maybe a bright sunny day or a dark cloudy night there is a tint for every condition. Below is given a list of tints –

Polarized Tint – The polarized tint decreases the glare heavily and improves clarity. Strong glasses are faced when light reflects off water, cars, and Asphalt. If you run on paths, polarized lenses help in decreasing squint-inducing glares that are painful to see.

Mirror Coating – mirror coating is best for very sunny days. This type of lens has an exterior coating giving a reflective mirror look. Just like a real mirror the lenses reflect the light and reduce glare. Mirror coatings are excellent for snowy or wet conditions when light reflecting off the white snow gives intense glares.

Clear – It is not a tint for coating technically. Clear glasses act as a barrier between the eyes and the wind. These prevent the eyes from drying out or tearing up.

Yellow Tints – These lenses sharpen the view of the running environment by filtering out the dark blue light. They are good in low-light conditions like overcast days or dusk.

Dark Tints – They sharpen the look of your surroundings. Green and grey tint lenses are good for bright, sunny days. If you reside in an area with good weather, you get the max advantage out of a dark tinted lens.

Frame Materials

Sunglasses are created from plastic or metallic frames. The frames are durable and lightweight and have sleek designs. Keep in mind, it is possible to dent metal sunglasses, you can bend them back again but the metal gets weaker and distorts the fit depending on how severe the dent is. Plastic sunglasses are crafted to absorb impact, they can be used roughly.

UV Protection

The main aim of shades is to protect the eyes from the scorching sun and the shades have proper UV protection to prevent damage to the eyes. For sensitive eyes, sunglasses with a wraparound design are excellent as they protect the eyes from all sides.

Other Features

Tint type and UV protection are important features of running sunglasses. There are few features that make a simple pair of glasses spectacular. These features are –

  • Anti-fogging for a clear vision
  • Scratch-resistant for durability
  • Adjustable nose pads for comfort
  • Interchangeable lenses for various light conditions
  • Lightweight frames for comfort


It is an important investment when you go for running sunglasses. With the pair of shades, it is more comfortable to exercise as you are not continuously squinting from the harsh surrounding. Also, you will feel as if you are unable to stop, once you get the clarity of quality sunglasses for running. The next time when you plan to go out running, do not leave the house without the sunglasses.

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