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When Did Robotic Process Automation Start?

Now, when RPA software application seems to be rather common, it looks like it has existed all the time. However, robotic process automation started its way in the industry not so long ago in 2000. At the end of the 90-ies, so-called screen-scraping technology was introduced. It was the beginning of the RPA.

Now, the best RPA software options cannot be even compared to those first programs. Take the RPA software by HyperC, for example.

  • This robotic process automation software is able to process tons of data within less than a second and make decisions based on the information that you have provided;
  • No human errors are made: the software works based on accurate algorithms, thus, the decision accuracy depends only on the data that you have provided;
  • Any upgrades are implemented immediately. Just add the needed tools, and use them;
  • If you use cloud-based software, you can access and apply it anywhere. Thus, even if you aren`t in the office, you can manage all the processes.

Thus, a top robotic process automation software is something that has already taken its place in all the industries. Such famous companies as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Gartner, and many others, use robots to automate as many processes as possible for now.

Robotic Process Automation

The Best RPA Software for Your Business

Where can you apply the best customized RPA solutions though? You might be surprised but even if you have believed until now, that your enterprise can rely on human labor only, this is far from the truth. There are many processes that can be automated and speeded up immensely.

  • If you own a store, whether small or a big one, you can benefit from RPA software provided by to generate orders and requests, to communicate with vendors, etc.;
  • For those who have a transportation company, RPA is a perfect solution to plan routes, deliveries, etc.;
  • For production, RPA software is irreplaceable to determine your pricing policies or to work with suppliers and clients;
  • For finances, auditing, and accounting, a bot can handle all those immense data volumes impeccably;
  • For taxation, it allows implementing correct and accurate taxation policies.

Robotic Process Automation

And no, you don`t need to know coding, even the basics are not necessary. However, if you don`t know how to work with spreadsheets, using RPA software might be problematic. Though even in such a case, studying it isn`t connected with any major issues.

Even the quick comparison shows that using RPA helps to reduce production costs and thus, manufacture products that are cheaper without any compromise to quality.

Also, any quality RPA software is known for making many processes more efficient. Thus, the operation of your business will bring more results without using more resources. You don`t need to hire new specialists to widen the market presence. You need just to add some more tables or columns in your RPA software from

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