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How Pallet Racking Installation Can Resolve Industrial Storage Problems

An accessible and systematic form of storage will improve efficiency in the workflow. It will also promote convenience in storing supplies or products. Implementing an ultimate storage solution allows all materials to be neatly organised for faster retrieval and movement when necessary. An ideal storage method like pallet racking installation is a must to maximise every space in the warehouse in an industrial business.

In any factory or industrial building, a pallet racking system is a standard solution to resolve storage issues. Bulky items and huge boxes can easily fit into the shelves, and should there be a need to adjust the spaces in-between, it will take only a few minutes to do it. No complicated procedure is involved.

Pallet Racking Installation

Its Features

When you talk of pallet storage, it involves a storage system that uses pallets, a flat surface that can hold various things. In pallet racking, the materials are placed horizontally on multiple levels. The storage level variation is an ideal system for massive factory settings that are always loaded with huge boxes.

Furthermore, the pallet storage system is appropriate for high levels of stock rotation and is a practical way than storing it at floor level. Staff can easily access all the bays when there is a pallet racking system in the factory, allowing a more efficient stock recovery during order preparation.

Storing With Decking Panels

When a factory uses a pallet storage method with decking panels, it can accommodate items that are non-palletised. This type can hold medium to large items and is stored manually, a more flexible way to arrange the items on the shelves. When you also want to add tiers, it can be done by supplying catwalks and multi-level systems.

The loading levels for pallet storage with decking panels can easily be modified based on the material’s size to be stored. Staff will have a simpler method of arrangement or movement of SKUs to a different tier or another location. You can also provide a specialised staircase for additional accessibility to top levels.

Pallet Live Storage System

The pallet lives storage system is best used during order preparation in the warehouse. This systematic form of storage will increase the floor space utilisation above 50%, compared to a regular pallet storage system. Its features that best resolve packing issues include maximising the space available in the facility and minimising the number of aisles, improving efficiency than the conventional method, and strictly complying with the FIFO system. Through live pallet racking installation, there will be enough inventory for every SKU in the system.

Selecting The Appropriate Pallet Racking

Several essential factors must be considered when looking for the right storage system. You must determine what items you need to store and what type of system best supports your operation. There are several systems, live storage, FILO, FIFO, and more. Evaluate your products on-hand and the upcoming deliveries, then identify the turnover rate of all the items. This way, you can easily filter the features you need in a pallet racking system.

A warehouse plant will improve its operation and recover the wasted space through pallet racking installation. This is the most effective and practical system for storing materials. Additionally, the system can be tailored to be appropriate for any type of product handling machinery, from hand pallet trucks, forklift to electric stackers.

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