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Pandora: The Best Music Streaming App You’re Not Using

Suffice it to say that the smartphone era has really put out new and exciting business models to flourish under the power of the Internet. Businesses happily enjoy the breadth of reach of social media platforms, and there is a new breed of online sellers that have seen tremendous success.

One of the many changes that the smartphone era has brought about is how people consume their content. Images, videos, articles, as well as music, are mostly streamed. Netflix and Spotify are two of the most powerful companies that bring online streaming content, with more and more companies trying to get a piece of their slice from that proverbial cake as well.

Spotify and Apple Music are indeed the big two music streaming platforms nowadays, but what most people don’t get is that they’re not only the ones with great libraries as well as selections. They’re just the most popular, right now. Pandora, which started as a music catalog site, has released its take on a  music streaming app. In this article, we’ve taken a look at it:

Best Music Streaming App

Pandora Music

The idea behind Pandora was about your own radio channel, with songs that you like, without the ones that you’re not keen on. It was called Pandora Radio back then, and it had a good amount of traction in the early 2000s. Fast forward a couple of years, and iTunes became a thing, which in a way, revolutionized the way digital content was consumed at the time. Now that streaming is the name of the game, Pandora has decided to join in on the party and launch their own pandora music app.

With a meager 800,000 songs in its library on the day of launch, Pandora has since grown that number into a whopping 30 million at the time of writing. While that’s still a long way to go when compared to the 70+ million of Spotify and Apple Music, what sets Pandora apart is that it has the biggest collection of independent artists’ music in its library.


Music Discovery

Now onto some of the app’s native features. Boasting 70 million unique users every month, Pandora Music is a behemoth in itself. By its own personal count, at least 6 million of those users are paid. Pandora Music is available on every mobile platform – iOS, Android, and even the rare Windows mobile. It also has a desktop client for Mac- and Windows-based computers.

Navigating through the app is fairly simple. If you’ve previously used Spotify or Apple Music, the idea is the same, although the execution is quite different. On its home interface, you’ll have a series of automatic recommendations to “Kickstart Your Day”, under which is a browser for music categories. There’s also a Search tab for easier access to new album releases.

One of the better features that Pandora Music has perfected in quite a short amount of time is its Music Discovery. The app’s algorithm analyzes at least 450 song attributes from your latest listen to give you the best recommendations. The result is an exceptional genius bar that makes you discover similar music.

Data consumption and other features

Music streaming apps can consume data when you don’t have home Wi-Fi. A typical album should be 80-90MB, but with Pandora Music’s default bitrate at 128kbps, it will save you at least 10MB. You can also lower the bitrate when you’re listening, but a word for the wise – doesn’t. The default bitrate is low enough, and the streaming music will clearly suffer in clarity if you lower it further.


Music streaming is the way to go. If you want to support your favorite artists, especially those indie ones that really are trying to make it, then getting Pandora Music should be a no-brainer. The plan starts at $4.99 a month, with a yearly subscription of $59.88 annually.

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