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How to Choose Outdoor Patio Furniture

The city of Sydney is located exactly 3,767.04 kilometres south of the equator, already considered as part of the southern hemisphere. However, since the distance of Sydney is relatively near the equator, Sydney enjoys the mostly sunny weather. It is estimated that Sydney has more than 280 days of sunny weather each year. The mostly sunny weather of Sydney has made residents more active with outdoor activities.

Sydney residents enjoy basking in the sun, and most have designed their homes to utilize the sunny weather. Homeowners invest in furnishing their patio with furniture without having to worry about the furniture always getting wet. Since Sydney will be sunny most of the year, investing in outdoor patio furniture is a must. In cases when there are unexpected rains or bad weather, there are a lot of companies that offer furniture repairs in Sydney to restore the furniture from damages caused by harsh weather conditions.

How to Choose Outdoor Patio Furniture

How to Choose Patio Furniture

Deciding on what patio furniture to buy for your patio may be easy, but you must make sure that they match the overall design of your house and offer functionality so that you and your family can have much use for them. So before starting your very first furniture-hunting for your patio, be sure to take into account the following:

Functionality. What use do you consider your patio to be after you furnish it? Are you planning to use it as a place for relaxation? Do you plan to entertain your friends during weekends on your patio? Are you planning to make your patio into an extended play area for your kids?

You can turn your unused patio into one of these areas by picking the right outdoor patio furniture:

Relaxation Area. If your patio has a great view of nature such as a natural mountain landscape, an ocean view, or a view of a nice garden, then you and your family may use your patio as a relaxation area. If this is the case, purchasing a couple of lounge chairs for you and your loved one will allow you to view these landscapes together every day.

Entertainment Area. If you plan to convert your patio into an entertainment area where you and your friends can hang out during the weekends, then you should consider installing a barbeque grill and some picnic tables in it. Add a poker table, and you can entertain away till the wee hours of the morning. A patio is also a good venue for watching your favourite sports.

Kids’ Play Area. Once fenced in, an outdoor patio is also a good area where you can let your kids play. However, choose kid-friendly patio furniture. Make sure that your furniture does not have sharp edges or splinters. You can make your existing patio furniture kid-friendly by hiring a shop that does furniture repairs in Sydney to modify your furniture for you.

Porosity. Porosity or porous quality means the porous nature of something. It also means the percentage of pore space that material possesses. Porous material can let water in, and this may affect the durability of the material. Wood, for example, is a porous material and when wooden furniture gets wet, water enters the spaces in between wood molecules, when the water between the pore space dries up, it may cause wood to warp and deform. During heavy moisture weather, water that enters the pore spaces of wooden furniture expands, causing the wood also to deform. This means that although wooden patio furniture has a classier look, its durability may be in question.

If you lack money for new furniture for your patio, you can go with a practical way of modifying your existing furniture for the outdoors. Furniture repair shops in Sydney can change the upholstery to make it suitable for the outdoors and modify the finish of your wooden furniture to make it more durable for outdoor placement.

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