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Orange County Biking Guide

For fitness enthusiasts and bikers, there’s no place quite like Orange County, California. This famously beautiful county has endless biking options to explore, whether you ride an old two-speed or upscale electric bikes San Clemente. If you’ve already put on your biking gear, picked out the best bikes for workout time, and set Orange County as your destination, be sure to visit these prime biking spots in the area.

Orange County Biking Guide

Newport Beach

When biking in Southern California, adding a beachside ride to your list is a must. In Orange County, the coastal area of Newport Beach is a prime location for a relaxing and scenic ride. You can take your electric bikes Newport Beach down the coast to visit one of the area’s two piers, the Ferris wheel and more. Once you’ve seen the town’s attractions, a simple ride down by the water is sure to provide stunning ocean views and, if you time it right, even a glimpse of the area’s colorful sunsets.

San Juan Creek

The San Juan Creek trail is ideal for beginners, since it’s largely paved and is a straight shot through the city of San Juan Capistrano. This makes it a smooth and enjoyable ride for riders of all ages. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a challenge – in fact, the trail stretches for several miles and offers interesting scenery along the way. Once you’ve arrived at the end point of Doheny State Beach, you can ride around to glimpse the waves or see the town.

Shady Canyon Bikeway

For more experienced or adventurous bikers, the Shady Canyon Bikeway could provide the dose of excitement you’re looking for. This area offers several miles of rugged terrain and mountain views, as well as glimpses of some developed spots interspersed between dirt roads. The wide range of variety in this canyon is sure to keep any biker interested! Some of the views you might spot on this bikeway include:

  • Scenic bridges
  • Stunning mountain views
  • Rugged dirt paths
  • Lakes

Santa Ana River

The Santa Ana River starts in the Huntington Beach area, and its biking trail extends for around 30 miles, making it perfect for long-haul bikers looking for a strenuous workout or a longer trail. This river trail provides peaceful views and is generally popular not only with bikers but with many joggers and hikers as well. Given the length of the trail, you may enjoy the alternation between more crowded, touristy spots and the more peaceful stretches that could help you enjoy the natural surroundings in solitude. If you start riding on the trail in the Chino Hills area, you can bike to the end in Huntington Beach and explore that area on bike as well.

From beautiful mountain views to waterside rides to rugged terrain and much more, Orange County has countless options to offer bike enthusiasts. If you enjoy exploring new areas by bike and you plan to be in the Orange County area soon, be sure to follow this biking guide and discover some of the most beautiful places this unique county has to offer.

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