Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

What Is The Point Of An Oil Water Separator In Modern Times

When you were young, you probably remember looking down at the water in the street and seeing a kind of rainbow effect running through it. Even at that young age, you realized that oil and water did not mix and you probably experienced it again when it was your turn to wash the dishes and the cooking oil from the pans always floated to the top of the water. It was easy to see the separation and it happened quite naturally, but when it comes to waste water treatment, it is not so easy to separate these two different things. It actually requires specialized equipment in order for that to happen as well as some chemical and biological filtration processes.

Oil Water Separator

This is why many businesses decide to install some oil water separators because it separates the oil from the water so that it can be easily removed later. For those of you who think that the oil should automatically just separate from the water itself, waste water gets mixed with other kinds of contaminants and so this is what makes it more difficult. The purpose of the oil water separator is to target the oil so that it can be skimmed off the top. If you are a little unsure about how the whole system works, then maybe the following can help to explain it better.

How Does It All Work?

The waste water passes through the various filters and then it is funneled into the oil water separator to go true for the treatment. There are a series of plates used in the separation process and they are used to separate the oil, the water and other particles into three different spaces. The purpose of the plates is to collect large amounts of oil which will then make it more buoyant. This helps the oil to then separate from the water and rise to the top. It is truly a simple method of helping the environment of what is best for the environment.

Why Separate Oil & Water.

It has everything to do with the environment and the protection of it. There are many different oils to be found in wastewater and it isn’t just the cooking oil that comes from your whole or your local restaurant, but it is petroleum products and other hazardous products as well. All of these things are very dangerous for the ecosystem which includes plants, animals and even us. You have probably seen oil spills on the news channels where a ship lost its full cargo and it flowed out into the ocean. This is a much larger scale with oil that is clogging up your pipes in your home or business and is still causing environmental problems and so this is why oil water separators are so important. You do not want your local environmental protection agency knocking on your door.

We all need to take steps to reduce our carbon footprints no matter what if we are to continue living on this planet. By installing an oil water separator, you are doing your bit for the environment and you are creating a future for your kids and the others to follow. We all need to be a lot more responsible and take some of this responsibility onto our shoulders instead of expecting the industry to do all of it for us.


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