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5 Tips for Finding Office Space in Minneapolis

As one of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis has been growing as a business district over the past few years. The city was named one of the top cities to start a business in the country, and people are starting to take notice.

This stint is quite impressive, as the country has seen a trend of people migrating towards the south and west for warmer pastures. Growth has been slow but steady, an impressive feat when many northern or midwestern cities are starting to see their populations go in reverse.

While that’s great for the city as a whole, it also means that there is going to be plenty of competition for office space in the city. Hence, what do you need to do to find the best office space in Minneapolis? Let’s have a look.

Office Space in Minneapolis

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Find a Home for the Future

With so many businesses coming to Minneapolis and the Twin Cities to startup, you need to find a place that is going to last you through the future. For many, that can be hard to predict because it can be hard to envision what your business is going to look like in five years.

But, you should be looking to the future and trying to find a place that’s going to last.

Are you expecting to expand over the next few years, and do you need office space to accommodate the size of your team? Think about which departments you may be expanding and who else you need to hire and think about the physical needs you all will have.


It’s the most important course in real estate and plays a significant role when looking for office space in Minneapolis.

You need to consider where you want your office to be and how that could affect your business. Do you need to be in the main business district or close to public transportation? The city doesn’t have the subway or bus system that New York does, but it may be easy for employees to get around and save on parking.

If you’re not expecting clients, then you might be able to look a bit outside the city center to fill your needs.


Developing a company culture can be hard. It may evolve through continuous interactions with various clients and customers, as well as the people you hire.

But, many businesses try to establish a consistent company culture early to set the tone and keep everything going smoothly.

Your office can play a direct role in the company culture, whether or not you realize it. Having an open office plan can send one message to your employees and clients while having everyone in cubicles or desks can send an entirely different message.

It all depends on the message you want to send and the culture you want to establish.

Features and Amenities

This will largely be determined by the office space you’re looking for and the type of business you run. If you’re a tech business, chances are you’re going to need plenty of power and space for your hardware or servers.

You also want to make sure the building is fitted with security, both off and onsite, to protect your assets. Each office space may have something different, but you’re going to want to make a list of what is important to you and double-check any places you look at to have that covered.

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