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Must-Haves for Marathon Runners

When it comes to exercise equipment, running a marathon sounds rather simple. You just need to put on your shoes and start running, right? Well, if you want to boost your performance and ensure your comfort you might need to invest in a thing or two. These items can make those last few miles when you are on the verge of quitting bearable. Therefore, try them out and see whether they will help you go the distance and reach that finish line like a true champ!

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Must-Haves for Marathon Runners

Running shoes

Well, this is kind of obvious. High-quality shoes will provide you with the support you need, reduce the risk of injury, keep your feet dry and help you feel comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be while you are feeling like your soul is slowly leaving your body. You can find great running shoes online here, so check them out and see which pair completely suits your needs.


Of course you need socks, but not just any kind! Running socks are not just like your old cotton socks. They do not have irritating seams that can cause blisters and they have a drying capability so your feet always stay nice and cozy.

Tracking device

Nowadays there are so many various apps you can download that will track your route and tell you how fast you are going. However, if you believe that taking your phone with you when you are running a marathon is too risky (it can easily slip out of your hands and break), consider investing in a high-tech wristband that measures your distance, tracks your step and tells you how many calories you’ve burned.

Music player

Most runners find that music helps them keep going even when they feel like they are too tired to run. You can download your favorite tunes to your phone, or find a compact music player that also does doubles as a fitness tracker. These days you can find these gadgets in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of features, so find one that has everything you need and fits your budget.


If you love listening to music on your runs, apart from a music player you will need good headphones. Although it may seem like you should grab a random pair and be done with shopping, keep in mind that during a marathon everything will slowly start to ache, from your toes to your head. Therefore, do your ears a favor and find headphones that form to your ear shape. If you hate that headphones tangle easily (and most of them do), get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and avoid this problem.

Sun protection

Unless you want to spend the whole week after your marathon looking like you fell asleep on the beach, make sure you put on your sunscreen and wear glasses and a hat if needed. You will probably spend more than eight hours in the sun, so protect yourself from those harmful rays.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you test every piece of your equipment before your race, so you don’t end up facing nasty surprises on the big day.

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