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Top-5 the Most Popular Bike Routes Around New York City

Spring has fallen and watched on the wall is screaming that ‘hey it is time to catch up some books with coffee’ and run to the parks. Yes, New York City is always so warming and full of hospitality towards adventure and when it is a time of spring. It means different for different people, for a bibliophile it is a season to grab books and coffee and read it the whole day. On the other hand for a couple, this season is like a goddess so that they have many things to explore together in such pleasant weather.

But whereas, for an adventure junkie it is time to take their bikes and maps and just embark on their journey with their bikes. In total, no one can truly sum up the routes of New York city in one vote but they can narrate different stories to definitely enjoy at any time for sure.

Bike Routes

Roll into the list before grabbing your map

1. Ocean Parkway Bike path

Ocean Park falls into the list of the pat breaker because for the first time any bike path has been introduced to the public. It was the 1970s when it happened and it was a completely whole new experience. This road is known for connecting many paths and makes the journey less worried but more intact. It starts with cobble Hill- Caroll gardens area and it is known for connecting many other routes like Brooklyn, street Kensington, and Ruby’s Bar. The whole experience of riding a bike here is an experience indeed and it has made a tree-lined way.

2. Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge

This path is said to be one of the marvelous roads and it has been build in a whole bridge form. The architecture has used red colour but that seems even safer and secured and it runs via north Brooklyn to the long island city. Then it continues with the lower east side, the Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge path. It is the commercial Manhattan Avenue until Noble Street. But while riding a bike on this road is a complete splendid view of the Manhattan skyline.

3. Rockway Ride

We all have seen such a view in movies, crossing the bridge and sea on both sides.  More than riding view here sometimes become more mesmerizing but the comfort of the bike ride lies in who usually takes this road. This ride embarks on at the B/Q stop at the Sheepshead Bay/East 16th Street or at the Howard Beach a Stop.  Although, this road seems road less taken but it is an enjoyable ride.  How many of you remember this Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge?

Many people do, so here they will also get that and it makes the ride a little more interesting. This wildlife refuge comes along with the way in the middle point and this view can be witnessed after a soothing bird watching. Rockway ride is also one of the choices of many people and they all had their own reasons and sometimes people just do not visit light their mind with bike ride but to vent out their heavy heart. This is the aura of this place and no doubt it must be tried at least once if it is not taken yet.

4. Governors Island

Those who would love to boast about art and culture and who would like to witness the beauty of arts and culture, must not miss this road. Riding bikes here is just not an experience but it is more like connecting own emotions with this place. The whole ambiance is quite so splendid which is a blend of modern and calmness and those who love the blend of it. They are lucky they can get this route and they can enjoy having their best ride here. Here many kinds of bikes are available from singles to tandem bikes and from tandem to kiosks on the island.

So the desired bike can be rented from and rode beautifully in such a beautiful plus a view to witness place.  Although, this place is only open during the summer on Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday Mondays.  The place has a river opposite to road and ducks plays here and they are usually found here. So it is also like getting connected more with nature in a fun way so yes it is a must-try place.  Day by day, these ‘includes’ have always been seen and this shows that place is always ready to serve the best and that is why it is also known.

5. Wards Island Bike path

If anyone really wants to enjoy both springs of summer and a bike ride, no place can be better than wards island bike path. The clear sight of sun and riding bike here on the clear road makes heart pomp. In fact, this place is not just for bike riding many people even visit this place to enjoy spring by walking.

The sceneries of this place are quite commendable and people out here enjoy in a different way this place for many reasons. But actually, this place is considered as one of the best places situated between the north end of the East River between Manhattan and Queens. Anyways everything here is an experience to get and people definitely visit for the next time here after their first visit.

Choose them and find out your reason and conclude it in experience

By the way, people have always so many on their list to ride their bikes but these five places are something different. When they have asked they all have explained some different reasons and this shows their maturity of choice. These places are maybe more taken or less taken like Robert frosts but they all are worth a visit at least once in their lifetime. However, these places are situated in different areas so they can be chosen according to comfort first and the qualities of it. But these are absolutely the best and must be taken on roads.

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