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Modern Health Technology: How Smartphone Apps Improve Our Lives

There are times when taking care of your health has become easy, thanks to mobile technologies. More and more programs on the market allow you to monitor your health and well-being. Learn more at apppearl. Let’s review the most popular mobile apps.

modern health technology


Health and fitness

The app is a set of training programs, nutrition information, tools, and trackers for a healthy lifestyle and medical reference books. There is a convenient Pedometer function that controls whether the user has passed enough during the day, which is useful for office workers.

For those who monitor their diet, the Diet Tracker section will be useful. And the next Food Products tab will help you find out the nutritional value of products. The Training tab will help you choose a set of exercises, and the GRPS Tracker will help you keep track of your runs.

You can use Symptoms to make a preliminary diagnosis; the Doctor’s examination function provides treatment recommendations and contains information about diseases. It is better to use them after real consultation with your doctor.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

A suitable app for morning exercises. The program is based on the execution of cyclic exercises of high intensity.

These exercises combine aerobic and strength training, engage all major muscle groups, and alternate between high-load and recovery periods—a total of 12 simple exercises that only need a chair and a wall to complete. As a result, according to the developers, this complex combines the action of a long run and a visit to the gym. The exercises are performed for 30 seconds with 10-second breaks. You should perform this set of exercises daily. The app has paid content.

Food diary

This is an app for tracking your diet. Select the desired section (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner) and add the food you ate to the list. This makes it easier to monitor the correct distribution of calories consumed throughout the day. The service works in off-line mode. It would have the function of personal reminders if you did not fill out the diary after each meal or at the end of the day.

Instant Heart Rate

Heart rate measurement app. You need to put your finger on the camera, and it will catch its rhythm. The program only needs 10 seconds to determine the exact result. The app will show you whether your heart rate is normal or elevated/lowered. It is recommended to make measurements in good light conditions.


An app that lets you check your visual acuity and color perception. There are tests for astigmatism, Amsler tests that identify “blind spots,” as well as the “dominant” eye. Of course, this application can not be equated with a full-fledged vision check. However, it can be used to detect the presence of any problems that previously did not bother a person, and with which you should definitely consult a doctor.


Special apps that help you track your sleep quality. You will always have visual charts at hand, making it easy to assess whether you are getting enough sleep.

The app helps you wake up at the optimal time and determines the ideal time to sleep based on life cycle data. You will make these loops yourself in the app. It also records snoring, sleep talk, and other signs to determine whether you had a healthy sleep.

The app has many different alarm signals – from the sounds of nature to playlists of rock musicians. There is another interesting option – lullabies, which, on the contrary, help you fall asleep.

Baby guide

An app for parents that will let you monitor your child’s development and health. The app stores all important information – about the blood type and insurance number, existing diseases, ongoing treatment, and more.

When you start using the app, you will need to enter your child’s information. The baby guide allows you to organize all the necessary data and automatically calculate the body mass index when updating information. As a result, parents will have a full-fledged dossier that can be sent to a doctor, nanny, or teacher if necessary. You can also share this information with your family and friends. Apps can help you in a lot of different ways when it comes to buying your medications. For example, you can get drugs like Eliquis for much cheaper than you would find it at most pharmacies.

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