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Know More of the Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Sleep is a topic that many people search online. Authors and experts have even started a “sleep revolution” movement to help people with insomnia sleep better and spread awareness of what a good night’s rest can do. The less you sleep, the worse off you become at work, and you won’t achieve productivity in your life overall. You can know more about better sleeping on this site here.

It’s recommended for people to spend at least six hours of sleep every night. Others may find this difficult, but the good news is that they can make their nights restful with medications’ help. One thing that can help them is essential oils that can bring fragrance into the room and make their brains calmer.

Essential Oils for

Research and the Essential Oils

Generally, essential oils have many benefits as they have antimicrobial properties, soothe feelings of anxiousness, and make the immune system stronger. They are excellent in bringing you a sense of calm and relaxation overall.

It was found out that the lavender scents can increase the deep-wave and slow pace of resting in participants. When they woke up, the participants reported that they felt more vigor the next morning and were ready to tackle their tasks for the day. Some people have blends to incorporate into their rooms like blue chamomile flowers, tansy, frankincense, spruce needles, and ho wood. Clary sage can also help with relaxation when used as diffusers.

Although the research in aromatherapy is limited in general, it’s still helpful to know that one of the fragrant oils that can be found in MOXE, lavender, has proven to promote calmness in general. Lavender is one of the most widely recognized sleep aids out there, and this was the result of studies done on over 30 sleepers who are healthy.

Sleep-Inducing Oils


Chamomile is known to tackle depression and alleviate insomnia. The ancient people have used chamomile as an herb that helps them reduce anxiety and stress. There’s the active ingredient used in Roman and German chamomile, and this is chamazulene. It has an herbaceous and warm scent that’s calming for both the mind and body.

Sweet Marjoram

The sweet marjoram is often used in muscle aches, and they are prevalent in massages. It has a wood-spicy, herbaceous scent that can be a little like nutmeg, tea tree, and cardamom. The Greeks considered this herb to promote happiness, which is often placed on the heads of newly-wed couples. It’s a relaxant that you can put a few drops on your bath before you sleep, and its fragrance will help you get a more restful night.


Sandalwood is found in many air fresheners and perfumes because it’s a classic scent. Its value is more than its smell, and you can reap some of the health benefits with this as well. You may want to know that it comes from the roots and wood of the East Indian sandalwood tree and the products are widely available across the globe.  The earthy scent is believed to relieve anxiety and stress. One research discovered that this contains a powerful sedative effect that can significantly reduce one’s wakefulness.


The extracts are popular since they come from the peppermint plant. Know more about the peppermint oil here: This aromatic and minty herb is popular in Europe and North America, and it’s used for various purposes. The inflammatory properties help reduce snoring, clearing the airways, and decrease sleep apnea symptoms.

Using Essential Oils to Sleep

Using Essential Oils to Sleep

You can experience the effects and the aroma yourself in various ways. You can apply them to your wrists, palms, soles of the feet, and neck. You can start and end your day smelling their sweet scents which can help you relax. The sage and lavender can be directly applied to your skin.

If you are topically using the essential oils, you can dilute them with coconut oil or other carriers. This is because when you apply them undiluted in some products, they might be too strong, and you can experience irritation.

Other options of carrier oil are jojoba, virgin olive oil, and more. Generally, you should combine a single teaspoon of each, or you can add a few drops to a diffuser. This scent will be released slowly inside the rooms, and you can sleep better as a result.

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