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Is EMT the right career path for you?

EMT isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who enjoy the thrill of always being in a rush, those who thrive in high-pressure situations, and who care for people. Getting an EMT certification can prove to be highly rewarding because it opens doors to many job opportunities. You’ll play an essential role in the local healthcare system, and your ability to show compassion and treat patients can save people’s lives. When you’re working as an emergency medical technician, you offer first aid during medical emergencies and make decisions that influence lives. Deciding to follow this career path puts you at the front and center in helping people through and out of emergency episodes. Does this sound exciting for you? If the answer is yes, you may want to find more about this job.

However, before exploring the reasons to choose this job, learn to differentiate between emergency medical technicians and paramedics. These two professions have a lot in common, but they’re not the same. Learning what makes them different helps you pick the right career for you.


What is an EMT?

People specialized in EMT commonly work on ambulances. The nature of their job positions them as first responders, so they arrive first to all incident scenes. To operate, an EMT receives over 100 hours of education learning to learn to operate an ambulance, perform various medical procedures, and differentiate the levels of emergencies.

Choosing to become an EMT requires a high-school diploma. When interested to start a career in medicine right away, EMT is the path to follow. Be prepared for a physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting job. To succeed in this job, you must acquire skills like motivation and resilience, besides technical, medical aptitudes.

What is a paramedic?

Paramedics receive more education and training than emergency medical technicians. The average paramedic takes over 1000 hours of instruction, and get a 2-year associate’s degree in medicine.

Usually, EMTs complete their education and pursue this career because it allows them to apply for other positions. The paramedics are the highest trained professionals on ambulances, and they perform more complicated procedures that help patients recover from injuries. They also manage the ambulance team and perform management tasks.

Now, if you decided first to follow the EMT career, let’s find out why it is worth it.

You get the opportunity to build a rewarding career

Becoming an emergency medical technician provides you with the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career. Your job is impactful due to the many lives you save daily. In extremely-stressful moments, you keep patients calm and provide the care and treatment before taking them to the hospital. There’s no better feeling than helping people in times of need. Every day you head home feeling proud. When you learn to get your EMT Certification you acquire knowledge and skills that later can help you pursue a paramedic career. Alongside the medical abilities you get, you also develop soft aptitudes like listening and interpersonal skills. As you perform this job, you grow your problem-solving skills and learn new tactics that can help you both in your personal and professional life.

You make a difference in your local community

Many times, EMTs and paramedics are seen as community heroes. When you work on an ambulance, you do more than performing your job; you also make a difference in your community. During your training, you learn to help patients experiencing dehydration, injuries, illness, and other conditions that endanger their lives. By dressing wounds, applying treatment, and performing CPR, you stabilize patients and transport them safely to the closest medical facility.

Through your daily work, you earn the title of a local hero and give back to your community because you dedicate your life to other people. People’s lives often depend on the EMT that first arrives at the scene, their quick reaction, and their care. The measures they take, their ability to manage stressful situations, commitment to helping people, and professionalism make a difference to their community.

You’re always learning, and you can advance in your career

An EMT career can lead to many job opportunities in the medical field. Some of the career opportunities you may encounter include becoming a paramedic, EMT manager, EMT instructor, or EMT coordinator. If you are looking for more adrenaline, you can also use your skills to become a firefighter. Most firefighting stations also include ambulances, and they need EMT professionals to run with them.

If you choose to go back to school, you can complete your studies and become a nurse. If you ever decide to pursue another job in the medical field, research to find the specific requirements in terms of education.

For people willing to learn, and in search of new challenges, there are many career opportunities in this field. It’s essential to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. When you stay current in your skillset, you can make the most out of your job and take advantage of opportunities.

As an EMT, you’re continually learning because the healthcare field is always evolving, and your skills must keep up. Deciding to join a team of experts presents you with opportunities in the future. As your aptitudes develop and you acquire more knowledge and skills, you can benefit from new career opportunities.

EMT requires a short training time

Most people prefer to become EMTs rather than paramedics because the training is short. Training to work on an ambulance can be completed in less than a year. And when you get the certification fast, you can start your career quickly. If you have a busy schedule or just looking for a job that requires limited training, EMT is the right fit.

Once you decide to pursue this career, look for organizations that power your licensing. You need to complete a certified paramedic training program, and after you complete your education, look for available jobs. Healthcare facilities are always looking for experts willing to dedicate their lives to helping others.

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