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Is binomo safe? India Broker Review


Binomo is a client-oriented company, with the primary focus of creating new possibilities in the market of leading trading technologies.

Binomo a company, owned by Dolphin Corp, registered under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This company has been providing quality service to clients all over the world since 2014. 

What is Binomo trading?


Binomo provides a superlative platform for trading, which can be used by both experienced and relatively new users. The trading includes trades on various assets such as currency exchange rates, Crypto-currencies, Gold, Oil, Company stocks, among various others depending upon the type of account of the user.

The services are provided through both the website and the official app, enables users to trade efficiently on the platform of their choice.

Registration and Sign-in

Registration of a new user is a relatively simple and straight-forward process. New users are provided with the option of sign-up with their Google or Facebook accounts.

If the user chooses so; they can sign-up with their email, provide a password, and a choice of their currency in which they prefer to trade. Once the details are given, a new Binomo account is created, and a demo account is set up, the user can then start exploring a whole new world of trading opportunities.

Account type

There are four types of accounts on the platform. They include

1. Free demo account

  • Once the user is logged in, the demo account can be used. The demo account is allotted 1000 dollars (INR 65000) to practice the trading strategies.
  • Using educational and training content on the platform, the user will be able to fine-tune the trading skills in a journey to become an expert trader.

2. Standard account

  • While the free demo account provides a platform including 20+ assets to learn and practice the trading strategies; the standard account has an upgrade to include 40+ various assets to trade.
  • Few other perks such as withdrawal time of 3 days(depending on payment method), deposit bonus of 100 percent, the profitability of up to 85 percent in case of the correct forecast, and access to tournaments are included with the upgrade to the standard account. This provides an ideal opportunity for users to fine-tune their trading skills.

3. Gold account 

  • A gold account provides the ultimate experience for the user. Trading includes 50+ various assets allowing users to access a more comprehensive array of assets.
  • A personal manager takes user’s trader preferences into account and draws up an individual program for charging user bonuses, risk-free trades, and gifts.
  • Other perks for gold account users include access to tournaments, insurance, happy hours among many other benefits.

4. VIP account

  • VIP account provides an unmatched trading experience for users. Trading of up to 60+ various assets is included in this type of account.
  • VIP account ensures benefits such as best withdrawal times, Bonuses on deposits, Profitability to its users.
  • Other tops of the line benefits include access to a personal manager, VIP tournaments, Cash backs, Prizes, Risk-free trades, among many others.

How to use Binomo

The Binomo offers a trading platform on their official website and through the mobile application.

The Binomo website is a hassle-free easy to use design that enables even a novice computer user to easily navigate through all of its pages. Once the registration and sign-in are completed, the user will be navigated to the trading home page.

In the trading home page, the top left corner has a menu bar which provides access to

  • VIP
  • For Traders
  • Training
  • Information
  • Help center

Various types of assets can be selected from the drop-down box in the navbar.

By clicking deposit you can access

  • Deposit Funds
  • Withdraw Funds
  • Transaction History
  • Account Types

The profile page can be accessed by clicking at the top right corner on the home page.


Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the account can be made by clicking a deposit on the

top right corner of the home page. Transaction history can also be accessed by

navigating to this page.

Indian users are provided with various options to deposit funds, including bank cards,

cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets, among others.

The minimum deposit to the account will be from 350 rupees (5 dollars). The withdrawal time limit depends on the type of account of the user with approximately 3 days for standard account users and as fast as 4 hours for VIP account users (depending on the provider).


Binomo education includes a course containing video tutorials for traders to develop

their financial literacy and trading skills. These can be accessed in the training option under the menu.

There are seven steps, namely

  1. Registration
  2. Platform
  3. Deposit
  4. How to trade
  5. Trading chart
  6. Tournaments
  7. Trade like a pro

These steps will enable users to learn using the platform; develop their trading knowledge and skills.

Binomo App

Binomo provides an official mobile application to let its users trade at the convenience

of their mobile phone. The official app is available on Google Play store for Android users, and on App Store for IOS users.

For android users, Binomo app can also be installed by downloading Binomo apk.

The mobile app provides most of the services that are available on the official website. Demo account, 50 plus trading assets, deposit and withdrawals, 24/7 support are some of the features provided in the mobile application.


Is Binomo real or fake?

To imagine having an opportunity to earn extra income from the comfort of your couch is sometimes considered too good to be true! Or is it?

Binomo platform creates new opportunities in the world of trading, which are used by millions of users around the globe. Their experiences of using this platform can easily be found online.

If other people’s reviews are not for you, try Binomo for yourself and explore all the options in their platform and make a decision on investing.

Why should you try Binomo?

Binomo offers ample trading opportunities to skilled and novice users. It is a safe and efficient platform already used by millions all over the world at their convenience to make extra income.

As with any other form of trading on financial markets, it involves risk, but by improving your strategies by learning from the educational content and practicing strategies in the demo account, the risk can be strategically minimized.


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