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Is an inverter microwave the same as a convection microwave?

Microwaves are a form of energy which is similar to radio, television waves and ordinary daylight. The waves emitted through a microwave spreads outwards and disappears into the atmosphere without any negative side effect.

A convection microwave technology uses a fan for air movement to heat up the interior  of the microwave. This is what also helps cook food. You can also use a convection microwave to roast and bake food. It works on a simple principle of circulating warm air at a stated ideal temperature. This principle is what attracts buyers to a convection microwave. It is makes cooking easier. This is where a convection microwave differs from the regular microwave. Conventional microwaves use microwave technology to provide heat. The circulation of hot air is ideally a faster and more convenient method of cooking.

The main selling point of a convection microwave is it warms your meals evenly. For example, if you placed a frozen dish like pizza in a convection microwave, it would heat it up all round and not have some parts frozen and some parts hot. It would thaw it out evenly. They are the best choice for versatility in the kitchen, convenient cooking, although more expensive, they cook your food quickly, but you must be watchful. This is so because the convection microwave cooks food quickly and makes it brown quickly too. So, it might just burn. This another reason why a convection microwave is great, is  your food cooks faster than ordinary microwaves.

The downside to the convection microwave is, some microwave-safe dishes might not be safe to use in them. Such materials include plastic. This is largely due to the circulation of the hot air to generate the heat. This builds up in the plastic and makes it expand. This is dangerous as the plastic could melt. In addition to this, a convection microwave does not have a large interior capacity, so it is a poor substitute for convection oven or regular microwave oven. This makes it great however for cooking small dishes

An inverter microwave, however, has a magnetron tube that is used to energize the microwave. Electricity supplied to the magnetron tube is used to create energy in the microwave. The microwaves enter the cooking area through openings inside the oven.Most inverter microwaves have choices for inverter defrost, cook, heat, melt, soften. It has an inverter quick start feature which allows you to set 30 seconds intervals of high power cooking with a touch of the start button. The main attraction to the inverter microwave is the energy saver. The inverter microwave consumes less energy than regular microwave. This makes it very popular with users. The inverter microwave power levels range from 200W TO 1200W.

Cooking foods in the inverter microwave is affected by different factors. One such factor is Density of food. Light porous food like bread cook more quickly than foods which have a heavier density such as casseroles. Be watchful when microwaving porous foods so that the outer edges do not turn dry and brittle.

The moisture content in the food is another factor that affects how the inverter microwave works. Since the heat is generated from it causes moisture to disperse, for some sort of foods like vegetables sprinkle water on it to hold moisture. Bones and fat content of food heats more quickly than meat. So, make sure you are watchful as you food can become overcooked in a short time. one other factor which a lot of people do not consider is the shape of your food. Since most microwaves penetrate about only 2cm into food, the other edges of food gets cooked faster than the centre. This is so because the microwave energy starts from the outer edges and moves towards the centre. While the centre is cooked by conduction.

Microwaves cannot pass through metals, but they can penetrate materials like porcelain, glass, paper, and the materials used in the making of microwave-safe dishes. The best inverter microwave have smart diagnosis.

Are inverter microwave that same as convection microwaves then? Will in the listing of microwaves, you might see microwaves which use inverter technology as the same as convection microwaves. Although, it seems like they are almost the same, functionally they are not similar.

The technology of inverter microwaves has a feature which allows it operate on a temperature that is consistent depending on the power setting chosen. On the other hand, other types of microwaves, the power setting is selected by the user which makes the microwave operate on different power levels. These different power levels make the power cycle go off and on.

The technology used in inverters provides a complete control on the power levels that makes for consistent cooking. This leads to a total better cooking experience with an inverter microwave.

The other part is a convection microwave. This type uses microwave technology to produce heat to give you a complete cooking experience. The air which the fan produces is converted to heat using microwave technology to cook your food. The warm air circulates in an ideal temperature.

Remember to clean your inverter microwave by cleaning out spilled food or liquids in the inside of your microwave. Use a damp cloth to wipe the inner walls and glass plate of the microwave. This is important as bits of food which drop into the microwave will help consume heat energy when the inverter microwave is in use. This will lead to longer cooking times and could make your inverter microwave get damaged faster. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe down the inverter microwave especially the corners between the frame and the door. Use a mild cleaning agent so as not to damage the interior.

Both kinds of microwaves are great to use but the inverter microwave definitely takes the cake here. The beauty of control for the power levels in the microwave makes it a must buy.

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