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About Insurance in the USA

Frankly speaking, insurance has been developed to protect people’s health, cars, and homes against various unpredictable situations that can happen at any second. The thing is, in today’s world, it is extremely important to have an opportunity to get a sum of money when you need it the most. Some people choose only one kind of insurance, another try to do their best to pay all the payouts required by the insurance companies. This question is only for you to decide which insurance to select or do not select.

Insurance in the USA

How many different insurance programs in the USA?

There are 4 main types of insurance in the USA.

  1. Car Insurance is under the law and obligatory almost in all States of America. It has plenty of advantages and some disadvantages according to the company you will select to keep in touch with. Car insurance is aimed at ensuring protection and financial support in the case of a car crash, road accident, car damage, car repair, etc.
  2. Home Insurance. There is a causal link between natural disasters and destroyed houses. This awful tragedy also could be compensated for by the insurance. This kind of insurance allows you to get rid of any worries concerning your house, as it covers a lot of situations that could not be predicted (vandalism, crashing, destroying, robbing, etc.). It is worth saying that getting home insurance isn’t obligatory and isn’t required by law, but it is very popular among Americans.
  3. Disability Insurance is specific insurance in the USA that has some characteristic features. It can become extremely useful for workers someday. We hope that you will never need it, but you should be aware of all stuff. Disability Insurance proposes the workers’ different ways of getting some parts of the salary in case of a worker’s disability. An essential component of getting your money is you can’t break the period of disability even if you have recovered and can start working again. The period may vary from 3 till over 6 months.
  4. Health Insurance. Well-famous fact is that medical help is truly expensive for ordinary people. Sometimes, the bill for the rehabilitation program or treatment rises several thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is recommended to have Health Insurance to protect yourself and your relatives. The propositions and conditions of its insurance may vary but generally, it covers some payments for treatment, medical care, dentistry, vaccination, childbirth and pregnancy counseling, surgery, etc.

What does it cost?

Depending on the state you live in, you may pay between $987 and $2,752 per year for car insurance, between $1,242 and $6,015 (depends on the members of the family) per year for health insurance, $900-$1200 annual for the home insurance and from 1% till 3% from worker’s annual salary for the disability insurance. You can find the detailed info at

To sum it up

There are several kinds of insurance in the USA to choose from. You can select any depending on your budget, health condition, marital status, preferences, and wishes.

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