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Occasions and Ideas for Day Gifts

Gift-giving has come a long way since the ancient Egyptians and Greeks made a trend out of them. The items may have evolved through time, but the purpose of a present is the same as before. It is a symbol of love, loyalty, affection, appreciation, and celebration of new life.

But did you know that there is an exciting way to show someone you care? Giving out gifts has reached a whole new level with a gifting experience via day gifts. The premise is that you give out several presents in one big box. The recipient opens one gift per day from the massive box until he gets to the last present. So instead of getting one gift for the occasion, he gets to open one every day before or after it.

These day gifts are a fun way to spice up the festivities. You celebrate holidays via these mystery gifts. So to make you get started on the right track, here are some day-gift ideas for any occasion under the sun visit their online store.

Ideas for Day Gifts


Gifts leading to the birthday itself can build up excitement, whether the recipient is a child or adult. A customized picture frame is possibly one of the things on your list. But there are a few other gifts that you can give. Birthday boys would appreciate MacGyver tools such as a magnifying lens, a Swiss knife, or sunglasses. The women in the house would probably gush over some lavender soap, new gel nail polishes, candles, and other de-stressing paraphernalia. And the children can go gaga over new stationery, small toys, or a chocolate basket. A person who is in touch with nature will appreciate a tree gift, most notably when named after them. Add them all together, and you have one very excited birthday celebrant.

Wedding Anniversaries

These wedding anniversaries can make or break a couple. Women never forget, but men often do due to their busy work schedules. To make up for it, some husbands decide to have an everyday gift leading to the anniversary itself. A bottle of wine, some bath bombs, a coffee-and-cup pack, a travel kit, and some makeup are just some items up for grabs.

Mother’s and Father’s Day

Your parents work extra hard to give you a hassle-free life that you deserve. So it would not hurt to give a couple of gifts they can look forward to. Send out a couple of saplings for your green-thumb mom. Your dad might need a new toolbox for his new wood-hobby. Or you can also opt for a free day at the spa so they can relax.

Graduation Day

Children who graduate want one thing – a new car. But if it is not possible, then a plethora of other items can make them equally excited. Engraved jewellery, a ticket to a sporting event with friends, baked goods, and a limited shopping spree are some things that spell out enjoyment for your ex-student.

Christmas Day

Think gifts for the twelve days before Christmas, and the possibilities are endless. Trinkets, toys, spa-day items, a desk-top Christmas tree, soccer equipment, and gadget accessories are just some of the things you can put in a box.

Regardless of age, all gifts bring out the kid in people. Set a countdown for your main gift, and see your loved ones smile over and over again for the next few days with the help of day gifts.


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