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How YK11 Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Works

The sports supplement market has gone wild over the last two decades. With the development of science and new technologies, many substances and compounds have been discovered and implemented as performance enhancers.

YK11 is one of the ‘younger’ SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). It was found in 2011 and was named after its inventor’s initials and the year it was discovered. For more information about SARMs, see this page.

The chemical structure of this substance matches those of steroids. YK11 effects are similar to anabolics, but with minimal side effects. So, YK11 is not a traditional steroid. It affects androgen receptors and thus gives the same capacity as other androgen modulators. With one difference – YK11 selectively binds to these receptors in bone and muscle tissue. It results in a faster buildup of muscles and strengthening of bone structures.


YK11 Mechanism of Action

According to research to date, YK11 is somewhat of a myostatin inhibitor because it can reduce its activity. Myostatin is a substance that your body produces in the muscles. Muscle cells release this protein to prevent excessive growth. Nature has ‘fixed it’ so that your body does not waste too much energy. The more muscles you have, the more energy you need, and the faster you burn calories.

YK11 slows down the chemical reactions of myostatin. It does this by boosting the production of follistatin. That is a simple protein supposed to suppress the action of myostatin. It reduces the amount of myostatin circulating through the body and allows the user to gain muscle mass more efficiently. All this happens during the cycle of steroid intake.

Still, you need to work out. The muscles are built by contractions you make when you perform a movement. Add weight to your exercises (do the heavy lifting, for example), and the effect will be many times better. Your muscles will be firm to the touch, and you will gain increased strength.

How to Implement YK11 into Your Regimen

Adding the supplement into your nutrition and workout regimen depends on your fitness goals. For all gym fans, both novice and seasoned ones, there are two methods – bulking and cutting. Which one you choose depends on your current abilities. The goal is the same – getting muscles and losing fat.

If you’re still in doubt about your fitness goals, see the page below:

If you decide to bulk, that means you need to work to gain healthy weight. That mass will later ‘mold’ into muscles if you maintain the optimum percentage of body fat. Start with the YK11 SARM cycle on time, and the food you bring into the body during the bulking stage will not become pure fat. These extra calories, with the help of strenuous physical activity, will be burned while building strong and large muscles.

Cutting is a process during which you lose existing mass. But the goal is not to reduce just weight, but to cut excess body fat. YK 11 and SARMs are excellent fat burners, but supplementation should follow a proper diet enriched with protein and healthy fats. These foods should give you the energy to train, given your reduced calorie intake.

Professional bodybuilders combine these two methods, in stages. That is the ultimate approach to building muscle and getting bigger. The point is to put on mass first and then build muscle. It sounds simple, but they should be very diligent and dedicated to success. If followed with proper steroid dosage, this approach can produce great results.

Short Buying Guide

The first thing you should know before buying sports supplements is that these are not cheap at all. If you want to get quality and safe preparations, you must be ready to pay. For this reason, bodybuilding is one of the most expensive sports.

If you are a seasoned athlete, you probably already know all the catches about buying quality supplements. But, if you are a beginner, it may be challenging to find the right supplement among so many products on the market.

You may find it unnecessary to remember all those things, but it is better to do thorough research and spend a little more time than buying a fake product. A counterfeit is not only inferior in quality, but it can also be dangerous to your health.

Buy Online

YK11 is one of the products you can’t easily find in brick-and-mortar stores. It applies to all other SARMs as well. If you run onto this supplement in a corner shop, it is most likely a copy sold as ‘research chemical.’ If you see this sign, do not buy the product, as it is most likely not verified for sale and use.

Online sales are the safest way to get YK1, but only when you find a licensed dealer. There’s a high chance that you run into fraudsters on the Internet. So check the online store well and ask if their products have been tested (this should be written on the packaging of each legitimate supplement).

Numerous YK11 SARM users have confirmed the absence of side effects due to the ability of this compound to be selective. Yet, it is mostly the users themselves who are responsible for the contraindications and the lack of results. Adhere to the dose throughout the cycle and don’t take more than required. There is no shortcut to the ‘beast’ look.

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