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How to Use Skirting Boards in Interior Design?

If you are planning to make changes to your interior space, you can use skirting boards to help uplift the floor and wall looks. They help to reduce damage around the edges of your wall, especially where they attach to the floor. Without them, your floor and wall can get damaged by water, and insects could also burrow their way through tiny concrete spaces.

So you want to plan for how best to include them in your interior design. If you are on a tight budget, you can decide to cut out the experts and learn to do the installations personally.

You can find information on the web and also videos on how to do it yourself. But there are benefits to having an expert touch when doing your interior decorations. Just in case you need help, below are ways to use a brand new skirting board to decorating your indoor space.

Use Skirting Boards in Interior Design

What is your Floor Type?

You can use skirting boards for all types of floors. They do well in areas with high water flow. Ordinarily, you could ignore rooms with rugs and other above-ground surfaces such as a wooden deck. But they can fit in perfectly with wood and concrete surfaces. You would have to choose a skirting board material that works with the floor type. You can hire a carpenter to work together in making the expert decision about the fittings, but you want to have the final say.

Consider the Staircases

Consider the Staircases

If you have a concrete or wooden stairs, you can use skirting boards to outline the edges. Of course, this could help improve the look and also add strength to the structure. They could also be a great way to even out the edges of your stairs and hide architectural flaws.


You can also get skirting boards to work in your bathroom design. They could help accent the wall edges of the wall and floor while giving your bath space an outlined look. You can equally work wonders by matching furniture and floor colors with your boards. MDF boards are best for toilet spaces, especially bath areas that hold much water. They are resistant to moisture and won’t turn green like softwood and brick options.

Making the Right Pick 

You can pick from numerous options for skirting boards. This would depend on the material you decide to use. Most people go with options that match the floor. This means if you have a wood floor, you may want to choose boards made from soft or hardwood depending on your preference. You could also opt for tiles for your floor and wall skirts, but that would only work where you have tiling. You can check this website for tips on floor design options for your home.

  • Size

The right size to choose would depend on your design plan. If you want your skirting to be pronounced, you can choose to use high boards. But these would work better if your ceiling is high and the walls stretch at length from top to bottom.

  • Color

You will also have to decide on color options to use in your room design. MDF and wood boards can be painted to any color of your choosing, but you can’t do the same with tiles and concrete options. You can use darker colors in high-traffic areas prone to stains, but those made from MDF are ideal for such places. Their surfaces are suitable for stains and water, so it could be ideal for bathrooms and kitchens when things get messy.

Installing Skirting Boards 

When done correctly, they can last for years. You would only have to worry about keeping them clean and changing damaged ones occasionally. But you would need to buy durable options that would resist wear and tear. MDF boards and hardwood are a better pick if you want long-lasting materials.

You can also hire a professional carpenter or interior expert to help with planning the design and installation. If you know how to, you can install them yourself. If you use tiles, you can use a floor cement to bond the surfaces. Glues would work fine for wood and fibers, but you should research on how best to install them if you intend to DIY. There are tips here on how best to install your skirting boards from a reliable carpenter.

Final Note 

You can upgrade the look of your space with the use of skirting boards. Add beauty to the floors and also protect it around the edges. Hire an expert to help with the fitting if you want it to be done correctly.

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