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How To Thrive On Your Favorite Poker Apps

There are so many mobile apps available now for us to download it seems like there is something for everything.

Whether you’re looking to get the latest on the weather or just want to play some great mobile games, there is a constant stream of different options available.

Despite a seemingly endless amount of choice, some of the most popular apps remain in the poker category. With players loving the option of being able to pick up and play no matter where they are. Whether it’s a game like Governor of Poker, which has cartoony aesthetics overlaid on a solid poker game, to the more game-focused and less visually appealing Appeak Poker, they all have an army of followers that love sitting down at the virtual table.

The beauty of these apps is that no matter if you’re already an avid poker player or want to get into the popular poker genre, they’re all just as accessible. So, we’ve compiled our list of hints and tips to help you raise your game and help you avoid getting a bad beat.

How To Thrive On Your Favorite Poker Apps


One of the critical aspects of any game of poker is to stay focussed, and with us being able to play the game now wherever we are on our smartphones, it’s easy to get distracted with all the noise around. One of the simplest ways of maintaining concentration and focus is wearing headphones. If you’re playing on your commute, for example, you don’t need to be attracted by your fellow travelers’ conversations of what they did at the weekend just when you are making a crucial decision.

Always learning

The beauty of playing on these apps is that with each hand you’ll likely be playing against people from all walks of life, with differing playstyles. It’s a great place to develop your game, so it pays to keep an open mind, watch and learn. Even pro-level poker players are advised to focus on being open to learning and networking when improving their game. The best of them recognize that there are often lessons in losses and look to gain something from every hand, game, and tournament they play.

Right mindset

Not being in the right frame of mind can be a killer at the table; you need to stay level-headed to make the right decisions. For example, it’s better to play when you’re feeling fresh. Studies have shown that being tired can affect our ability to make the correct choices on even the smallest of things if we’re still feeling sleepy or fatigued. So, avoid starting your game if you’re not at your best if you want

Plan ahead

Don’t only consider the move you’re about to make; think of what your fellow players may do and how it could affect you. If someone calls your choice next, what are you going to do? Are you going to raise them then or not? If not, then maybe it’s not the best thing to carry on the game, and getting out now may save further losses. The best players have a plan for the entire hand and the main probabilities of what may happen.


These tips are here to help you get the best out of your mobile poker play; while none of these will help you turn into Daniel Negreanu overnight, if you heed our advice, you could get more out of your time at the table no matter where you choose to play.

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