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How to know you are a good writer

It is usually challenging to quantify our writing skills. We often depend on external feedback to know how good we are. So here are sign that shows you are a good writer.

You do not mind correction: A big ego is one thing that most writers have. You will often meet with the ego when you point out a mistake in their work that needs correction. Most of them will not accept the correction as others will switch to a defensive mode and become rude at times. So if you do such, then your guess is as good as mine. However, if you graciously accept criticism and make the necessary changes without any fuss, you are a good writer.

good writer

Read other work to improve your writing skills: No matter how good you are, you will never be the best. We can never exhaust learning. There will always be something better that you need to learn. So, it is a good idea to read more and expand your thinking. It opens up your thinking to different perspectives and viewpoints that could be useful to your writing skill.

Feel free to break the rule: In the writing field, rules are not cast in stone. You can make a few adjustments to make your content catchy and punchy. Use sparse prose, and descriptive language will add drama, tension, and engagement, which makes your writing simple to understand.

Do not wait for inspiration: You will have good and bad days. You need to have a resource strategy that will carry you through the bad days and help you develop excellent content during the good days. Some strategies include setting a timeline for your writing, which will push you to be creative and proactive.

Avoid fluff: Make every word count and worthy of being on that page. Avoid redundant phrases or words and waffle. Make it crisp and simple.

Do not write introductions: You can avoid setting the scene and directly taking your readers to the action. It is more exciting and compelling this way.

Show rather than telling: Everybody loves a good story. And the best way to tell a story is by making the audience feel like they are part of the story and keep them engaged. Showing the readers what happened helps them mentally create a visual of the happenings through your words.

You love your writing routine: Many writers enjoy reading other writers’ routines as they seek inspiration to make their routine better. And different writers have their unique, quirky habits. Some interesting habits include:

  • Writing in the morning.
  • Taking hot beverages before writing.
  • Taking a shower before writing.
  • Writing in silence.
  • Always having a pen and notebook to record important experiences and inspiration within the day.

Finish what you start: It may take you long, but eventually, you ensure and put the effort towards finishing what you start.

You find writing therapeutic: You will know you are an excellent writer if writing is your go-to activity when you are down. You are a good writer if you do not have peace after a few days of not writing.

You are curious about your surroundings: You are a good writer if you are sensitive about your environment. You will find yourself interested in simple things and events around you that most people will overlook.

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