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How to Keep Aging Skin Looking Young and Vibrant

At some point, the ravages of age catch up with everyone. Even the most physically attractive among us will eventually have to deal with wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. Fortunately, in the fight against aging skin, you have no shortage of allies. When looking for ways to keep your skin soft, smooth and wrinkle-free, consider the following options.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve tried countless other methods of skin rejuvenation to no avail, cosmetic surgery may be the way to go. Reputable plastic surgeons can perform a number of effective skin repair procedures, including laser resurfacing and scar removal. Many of these procedures constitute outpatient surgeries and are affordable on virtually any budget. Additionally, patients with skin that has suffered severe burns or is badly scared can benefit from skin transplants. Anyone who has exhausted their skin repair options should meet with a trusted cosmetic surgeon to discuss their options.

Spa Treatments

People who are dealing with light wrinkles or small acne scars should regularly visit their local spa. These bastions of relaxation are known for their rejuvenating facial peels and full-body mud wraps. Both of these treatments leave skin clean and exfoliated, effectively doing away with deep-seated dirt and sebum buildup. In addition, the muscle-relaxing massages offered by most spas relieve your skin and muscles of tension, reducing your chances of developing stress-induced wrinkles.

Facial Exfoliates

If spa visits are too rich for your blood, at-home exfoliate treatments can give you spa-caliber facials for a fraction of the cost. When shopping around for the right exfoliate, look for products that contain salicylic or glycolic acid. These chemicals will promptly penetrate and break up hardened sebum deposits, leaving your face feeling completely rejuvenated. Over time, natural oils and makeup residue can give way to wrinkles and prematurely aged skin. While standard facial cleansers will wash away the bulk of oil and residual makeup, they won’t give your pores as thorough a cleaning as they’ll receive from exfoliates.

Facial Moisturizers

Just as overly oily skin can cause premature aging, overly dry skin can have the same effect. If you suffer from dry, cracked or poorly hydrated skin, over-the-counter facial moisturizers can do wonders for your complexion. These moisturizers should be massaged into your skin twice a day: once at morning and once at night. The morning application should be performed before you put on any makeup, while the evening application should take place after your face has been thoroughly washed. Regular moisturizing is particularly important for people who live in dry, arid climates.


The harmful UV rays emitted by the sun are one of your skin’s greatest enemies. In addition to causing wrinkles, moles and sunspots, excessive UV exposure can give way to skin cancer. To protect your skin from sun damage, apply sunscreen whenever you intend to spend more than 10 minutes outdoors. While vital to year-round skin protection, sunscreen application is absolutely crucial during the summer months.

Damaged skin is one of the most obvious indicators of old age. However, by taking measures to protect your skin from stretching, wrinkles and other signs of aging, you can keep it looking supple and vibrant for years to come.

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