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How to gain more Twitter followers?

Having a reasonable following on social media is synonymous with doing well or getting successful online. You could be having a twitter account but having people like your profile and subsequently follow you will mark your success on the platform. A good following on twitter is especially important for persons of influence in society such as politicians or online marketers who are aiming to reach as many people as possible to sell their products or services. The best strategy to include in your marketing campaign is to buy twitter followers so you can boost your authority on Twitter.

How to gain more Twitter followers?


Start growing your Twitter followers today!


Growing your followers is easy but if you are on twitter and have not made it yet, you do not need to worry. In this post, I will look at various ways through which you can use to gain more twitter followers. 


Pin your best tweets. 


Be it the latest news, a product release/promotion or anything that has a direct link with your profile/ what you offer should appear on top of your feeds page. Make sure that all your best tweets feature on your page. But before posting anything be mindful of its quality. Make sure it of the highest quality and resonates well with your audience. Once you do that buy twitter retweets for your pinned tweet so anyone who visits your profile will have the best first impression.


Maximise on video content. 


Research has it that, tweets that feature videos get 10 times more engagements than those without. It is then safe to say that maximising on videos is a short cut to considerable success on twitter. People actually come to twitter to watch videos and get the latest updates regarding particular issues. So, you can take advantage of this fact to create appealing content that will attract more followers on your profile. 


Get verified on twitter. 


Verification can work wonder in increasing your followers. Usually, people will charge your account depending on whether it has that small verification tick or not. The verification symbol is a status giver. Thus, an account with the symbol is likely to attract more followers than the one without. 


Enhance your search engine optimization through your Bio. 


You can significantly increase your followers by optimising your twitter bio. This is achievable through optimising your bio description with keywords that reflect your niche or area of specialization. Often people perform keyword searches to enter into conversation or search particular content. If your bio is optimised for keywords search it is likely to appear of the top of the search list when a user keys in keywords related to your area. 


Tweet and retweet other people’s content. 


Another short cut to gaining more followers on twitter is through tweeting, replying and other people tweets. Tweeting and retweeting makes you active on twitter, it increases your engagements with other users and in return, it gets your name into a wider audience who are likely to get interested in you and follow. Even better said, if some see you retweeting their post chances are that they will follow you. 


Lastly increasing your twitter followers is more about creating interactions. So, to get more out of twitter you need to engage with as many people as possible on the platform. present yourself to them and they will follow your account. 




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