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A Guide on How to Convert PDF Files to Excel Spreadsheets

Without using the right tool, you’ll encounter problems when converting PDF files to Excel spreadsheets. These two file formats are completely different from each other. XSL spreadsheets have cells and columns containing values and formulas, while PDF files contain input-based data.

Sometimes, converting PDF into Microsoft Excel will result in disordered layouts or incorrect data in the cells and columns. This prompts you to put in extra work editing the XLS sheet after converting it from PDF.

But thanks to online tools such as, you can now say goodbye to the problems that typically come when converting PDF files to XLS sheets. Consult this no-nonsense guide for you to learn how you can use the PDFBear online software for that purpose.

How to Convert PDF Files to Excel Spreadsheets

Using to Convert PDF to Microsoft Excel

PDFBear is among the best PDF to XLS converters available online. If you need to convert your PDFs into Excel sheets, it’s recommended to use this web-based tool. Follow these steps to know the whole process of PDF to Excel conversion using

Step 1: Go to

Open your website browser and visit the official site of PDFBear, which is Pressing the enter key will bring you to the site’s homepage, where you can find different online tools. Click the PDF to Excel tool among the selection.

Step 2: Upload the PDF File That You Need to Convert into XLS Sheet

Once you’ve clicked the conversion tool on the homepage, you’ll be directed to a web page that asks you to upload the PDF file you want to convert. Click “Select Files” to choose the PDF document from your device that you’re going to convert into an XLS spreadsheet.

Step 3: Wait Until the Conversion Process is Complete

The conversion process will automatically start once you’ve uploaded your PDF file on PDFBear’s website. You only have to wait for a few seconds for the conversion to finish. Indeed, PDFBear is one of the easiest to use online converters right now.

Step 4: Download the Excel Sheet on Your Device

After the PDF to XLS conversion is completed, you can now proceed to download the Excel file by hitting the Download button on the screen. Double-check if the values and formatting are accurate. You have the option to share the Excel sheet with other users if necessary.

Advantages of Using PDFBear Conversion Tool

Many users prefer to use the PDFBear converter over any other software when converting their PDF documents to XLS sheets. Here are the reasons why you should use this PDF to Excel conversion tool.

  • Compatible with different platforms and gadgets. The PDFBear converter allows you to upload PDFs from your PC, phone, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can also use its desktop version on your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  • Easy and fast PDF to Excel conversion. The PDFBear conversion tool has a straightforward interface that enables you to start the conversion process in just a few clicks. Once the PDF file is uploaded on the site, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds until the XLS sheet is generated.
  • Top-quality results. PDFBear works with Solid Documents, an international productivity software company, to ensure that the results of converting PDFs to Excel sheets are of the highest quality. Using the PDFBear converter, you won’t have to worry about losing cells and columns or getting inaccurate data after conversion.
  • Your data is uses 128-SSL encryption for extra security of the documents you’re going to upload. The files will also be removed an hour after you’re finished using the tool.


Using the PDFBear converter is arguably the quickest way to convert PDFs to Microsoft Excel sheets. It also ensures data privacy and security. So, if you’re going to convert PDF files to XLS spreadsheets, visit now. Consult the guide in this article to learn how to use this amazing web-based software.

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