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How To Become a Nail Stamp Master In 4 Steps

Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It consistently belongs to the list of countries that have the largest economy globally since 1992. The citizens enjoy plenty of perks when living in the country, including high quality of life, exceptional health benefits for everyone, and internationally acclaimed educational standards. It also has a lot of employment opportunities, especially since major industries like mining and tourism, continue to flourish in the country.

The aesthetic salon market in the country, particularly in the nail industry, is also one of the best performers among all the nations worldwide. Based on the data gathered by IBISWorld, the Australian nail and personal waxing salons reached steady growth during the last five years. Nail art and other nail technology innovations have become extremely popular among professional women in the country, which is why services using nail embellishments and nail stamping plates in Australia started to trend.

For those who are too busy to visit a nail salon, investing in nail stamping plates could allow them to have the best looking fingertips even without having professional nail art skills. Here are simple tips to help you create pretty nail designs at home.

Nail Stamp

Step #1: Gather Nail Stamping Plates And Tools

Before you begin to decorate your nails, you must ensure that all items that you will need are within easy reach. It will help you finish the task as soon as possible so you can enjoy your new nails faster. Some of the essential things that you will need for this task include your chosen design of nail stamping plates in Australia and your desired stamping polish. You must also have a nail stamp scraper, a cuticle protecting solution, a topcoat polish, tape or lint remover for cleaning the head of the stamper, and a nail polish remover to clean the stamping plate.

Step #2: Warm Up The Stamping Supplies

You can make sure that your nail stamping project will succeed by doing a pre-stamping preparation.

To do this, you must remove all the blue films attached to your new plates. You must also ensure that your nails are clean and prepared to get some nail art. It is also crucial to clean your entire nail stamping supplies. Placing a bottle of nail polish remover within your reach is also important to remove excess polish.

Step #3: Load The Stamper

After finishing the nail stamping preparation, you can start loading an image on your stamper. You need to begin by spreading a thin layer of the stamping polish to the design of your choice on the stamping plate. It is also necessary to get rid of the excess polish by holding a scraper at an approximately 45-degree angle.

Once these procedures are finished, you can begin rolling the stamper on top of the image using light force. You may flick your wrist slightly for a smoother transfer. Practising these methods several times before you can finalise the application may help you apply a clearer image on your nails.

Step #4: Start Stamping

As soon as the image that you chose is already sitting properly on your nail stamper, you can start applying it in your nails. However, you need to make sure that you will act as fast as possible since the polish dries out rapidly.

After mastering these steps, you can now enjoy having aesthetically beautiful nails anytime you want without the need to go to the salons. You only need to collect different nail stamping plate designs of your choice so you will have plenty of options depending on the style that you want to achieve.

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