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How often should you clean your carpet?

The carpets are often exposed to dust severely, and if they are not cleaned or treated regularly, the situation might even worsen. Different types of substances have a different impact on the carpet which is why you should adopt appropriate measures to keep the carpet protected for the longest time. Here are some carpet cleaning tips that you should adopt for efficient cleanups:

carpet cleaning tips

Check for food debris

There are several insects such as moths, rodents, slugs that might get attracted towards the fallen food on the carpet and get accumulated in your home which is why it is important that you keep your carpet area clean so that these do not take shelter and harm it severely. Clean up the carpet surfaces as soon as you find something has been dropped on them.

Check out for damp areas near the carpet 

If your carpet is located somewhere near the water source, then as the summer entails, insects like cockroaches will start finding solace in areas that are humid, and during winters they seek warm areas. You should make sure that your carpet is not exposed to such insects or dampen the area. For this, you should keep the windows open regularly, and the area ventilated so that you can avoid the development of breeding grounds under the carpet.

Watch out for pests on your pets

One of the worst cases of pests is that of the fleas that might develop on your pet’s body. Dogs and birds also pick up biting bugs which might cause itchiness or even lead to eczema in worst cases. It would be ideal that you give your pet’s treatment for the fleas and take them to a vet regularly. As a household measure, you can even shake and wash the pet bedding once in a while so that they stay in a clean area. Using a vacuum cleaner would be best.

Avoid stamp over the bugs

It would be best that you use a household spray that offers good protection against the insects or use a powder for the same and keep the carpet as clean as possible. Avoiding stamping on insects such as cockroaches can spread their eggs all over the carpet, and you might not even realize it.

Always use a good vacuum cleaner 

Small bugs are a big issue in most households, and if your house is located near the hilly areas, then there are high chances that the carpet might be affected by it. These bugs get transported to your clothes and luggage and can even be hard to displace. In case you are facing incessant itching then it is time that you look out for them. To avoid such a situation, it would be best that you keep the area near the carpet uncluttered and wash the accessories every once in a while.

Consult the pest control experts

It is easy to manage a few bugs around the house, but it might certainly be difficult to manage an infestation around the carpet area. In such a scenario, it would be best to take help from experts. You can search out the pest control companies in your area who can provide you with assistance regarding the same. You should ask them about the measures that should be taken to avoid pest-related issues in your drawing room.

If you are facing difficulties while cleaning up your carpet area, then you can adopt any of these tips to overcome such issues and protect your carpet from getting affected. It is best that you keep a check on the carpet once a week at least.

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