Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Things You Should Know Before Having Your First Child

It is easy to secretly judge those parents in the supermarket whose baby is screaming and assume you would definitely do a better job. Then one day you become a parent and realize that kids do not come with a manual. Sure, there are so many books on how to raise your kid and what to expect when the baby is born, but sometimes all the advice in the world cannot prepare you for what’s coming. If you are pregnant with your first child you need to keep in mind that your life will inevitably change and that parenting is full of magical, crazy, emotional rides you will just need to get used to. Here are just some of the things you need to realize before your firstborn comes into this world.

Things You Should Know Before Having Your First Child

Babies usually don’t sleep long hours

When they are little, babies do sleep 12- 16 hours a day. However, those are rarely uninterrupted stretches and you will spend a lot of your time putting your baby to sleep. If you have a little one that can sleep for hours and hours without waking up, you are one of the few lucky parents.

You will be sleep deprived

They say that you should sleep when the baby sleeps, but how can you pull that off if you are driving to the supermarket or running errands? No matter how much you want to, you won’t be able to take a nap every time your kid falls asleep and at one point you will feel completely exhausted. Although sleep is usually a luxury for new parents, you can dodge a few bullets by taking turns staying up at night with your partner and focusing only on the priorities. At least until you get back on your feet. However, infant car seats are super important and you should do research before buying one

They don’t need a lot of things

Mothers tend to go into overdrive when it comes to shopping for baby stuff.  Of course, all those onesies and nappies are just too adorable, but you don’t have to overdo it. You will probably get the urge to buy all the latest gadgets and toys but go slow and think before you act. You can find useful reviews of bathtubs, humidifiers, blankets and toys at FuntasticToy, so do the research before you spend a ton of money on things you might never even use. And believe us, you will need that money because…

Having kids is not cheap

When expecting a baby most parents are aware of the fact that they should already start putting money into the college fund, online WIC class or nutrition programs but believe it or not childcare costs are often higher than college expenses. In fact, childcare expenses will become the largest part of a family budget, so make sure you’ve thought everything through before you even start planning a family.

Babies are more resilient than you think

Babies do seem like the most fragile creatures in the world and you might be worried that you will accidentally break yours. However, infants are more flexible than you think and minor falls and bumps will not cause much harm. In fact, something that might cause serious damage to an adult won’t even hurt a baby.

And last, but not least, you don’t have to do everything on your own and be a super parent. No one is, so if your friends or parents offer to help, don’t be a hero and accept all the support you can get.

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