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Ways To Identify Genuine Vw Parts Supplier

You can tell simply the specifications and what to expect for a car because the car is described by the company it belongs to. Volkswagen is a German machine for cars and you don’t have to worry about what kind of parts it was because the company has already covered you.

But when we talk about spare parts, things become a little different. There are a lot of parts dealers in the market. It is a must that you find out the genuine VW parts Supplier like Tooley Imports Australia. The last thing you want is to have a breakdown and do more harm to your car because of the wrong spare part.

Car parts like rims, suspensions, and engine parts are very vital. They have to be specific to the type of car you are driving.

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You will not get the parts from just any dealer. You have to consider very seriously selling the part to you. Below you will know how to go about it –

Understand Spare Parts

If you have pre-owned a car, it is important to familiarise yourself with common car parts. That is the only way you can differentiate a fake from a real one.

Genuine parts are described as the parts that were originally in your car when you purchase it. In other words, you have to understand your car to have a clue of what part it needs. As mentioned above, the car belongs to the manufacturing company. In the same way, genuine parts have an affiliation with the manufacturer. The automaker may be the maker of the parts. And the different companies may manufacture them. The only thing that will make them different from others is that they will have the logo of the company on them. It means the suppliers have the authority to handle spare parts for a particular company. Some believe that if you wish to keep the warranty, then you will require a spare with the company’s logo on it. It is not true entirely. Any aftermarket spare can be used in your car as long as it is genuine according to your standards. You have to understand how your spares work and where to get them. This assured you proper care for the automobile.

Check the Websites

The site will be the first place you will come in contact with the dealer. It will give you everything you need to know about the company, from the contact information to the services they offer to their physical location. You can tell them from here easily whether you are dealing with the best company. Transparency is to establish a long relationship. Make sure the supplier makes you feel so from how they are represented online.


From the website you can make out how long the company has been operating on the market and how many customers they are having. Experience means they have everything to serve and you will not be another test subject to them. If they have indicated it on the side then it makes it easier for you.


Reviews are the best way to find out if a company can be trusted. On the site or social media platform, check for what other customers say about the company. The more positive reviews, the easier it is for you to decide. This is just like getting a recommendation from somebody who has used the services in part.


A genuine dealer is defined as a kind of aftermarket parts the dealer has. It is only if the parts are genuine that the dealer becomes genuine also. Since it has been described already what genuine parts should be like, it becomes very easy for you to pick.



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