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Maximizing Your Space: Things to Know When Building a Garage Loft Storage

The garage is the best place for you to keep your cars, and a little bit of everything. If you would like to maximize or have more space in your garage, a garage loft storage is one of the best ways of literally creating more space in your garage, and to declutter your garage. A garage loft storage is a perfect way of utilizing the space that is hanging over your car.

If you have enough space, you can build or ask an expert to build you a garage loft that is 6 feet deep and provide sufficient space for your car’s windshield. A garage loft’s building plan is close to that of an apartment’s garage. This type of storage is usually unfurnished and can be accessed by a pull-down staircase.

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Garage Loft Storage

Things to Consider Before Building a Garage Loft Storage

You should consider these things and think about before you even pick up or hire someone to build you your garage loft.


You should note the usual climate of your location and the highs and lows of the temperature. Depending on the climate, you should consider what items you are planning to store in your loft. Items such as photographs or electronics aren’t able to hold out against drastic temperature changes. Even if the loft has insulation, it still wouldn’t be sufficient to manage its temperature.


If you have a garage built just for your cars’ safety, and you want a plain space to store your things, you should opt to build a garage loft. When following most building codes, your floor joist’s space and your roof ridge should be no less than 9 feet tall. But if you plan to build a simple garage loft to store items, you may not need a building permit anymore. Or you could opt for a storage unit that will accommodate your storage needs.

Garage Type

A garage may come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Normally, the garage’s proportions and measurements determine whether there would be a possibility or not to build a garage loft storage. For example, when your garage has a low ceiling, it may be more feasible to build overhead storage instead of a garage loft storage. When your garage is made up of a truss-framed roof that only has a small space, it may prove to be impractical to add a loft.


The total cost to build a storage loft in your garage depends on a number of factors. The cost may differ from each loft depending on the intricacies and the overall size of the storage loft you have planned.

Unless you have some experiences in building things or a garage storage loft for that matter, it would be a much better idea to just hire a professional to ensure your storage loft is built with quality. As we have said that the price varies from one loft to another, it would be best if you ask for a quotation from the builder you have contracted.

Benefits of Adding a Garage Loft Storage

A garage is usually the place where accumulated items and equipment are stored, and the more space we have in our garages, the better. Now, what is the main reason for adding a storage loft in your garage? One perfect reason is to add more space. Besides being a storage space, it could also be a recreational space by repurposing old and unused furniture and enhancing the loft with them.

Adding loft storage in your garage would add to the value of your property. A large family requires a lot of space, and an added storage loft in the garage would certainly be a huge factor in sealing the deal.


There are still other ways for you to create more space in your garage other than adding a garage storage loft. You could make DIY storage shelves, cabinets, or racks. It depends on how creative you can be when organizing your garage.

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