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What Is a Food Processor and What Do They Do Best?

Are you looking for a way to speed through meal prep and get straight to the fun of cooking? Would you like a tool that does more than just mincing things to soup bits? Look no further than a food processor. Let’s see how it can ease your cooking struggles.

What Is a Food Processor?

Those who want to start cooking from home often confuse food processors with blenders. And while these two kitchen devices look similar, food processors differ in the range of tasks that they can perform.

In a nutshell, food processors are the slice and dice ninjas of the kitchen. They can do so much more than simply blend your food. They can also chop, dice, slice, puree, mix, and grind your food. And they can do it fast.

Blenders, on the other hand, are only good for making soups and smoothies or crushing ice cubes.

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Food Processor

Main Types of Food Processors

When you get to choosing your first food processor, you may feel overwhelmed by the array of models out there. And while no two food processors are alike, many of them can be grouped into these key types:


If you think all food processors require electricity to work, then you’re in for a surprise. Hand choppers, mandolines, cheese graters, coffee grinders, meat and vegetable grinders, juicers, and hand-held salad slicers are all food processors. And they’re all hand operated. You can even find hand-operated ice cream makers and ice crushers too. The only thing they need to run is a little elbow grease.

Full-Sized Food Processors

Full-sized models have a large bowl capacity and often come with many different types of discs/blades. The types of discs these processors have span julienne, slicing, shredding, grating, dicing, and French fry. They also include brunoise, gaufrette/waffle cut, crimping, pulping, whipping, and a discharge plate. Depending on the model, a full-sized food processor may offer a dough hook as well.

Mini Food Processors

What if you need to save space but want to enjoy all the features of a full-sized food processor? A mini food processor will do the trick. Mini food processors have smaller bowl capacity and may not offer such processing features as a dough hook. But these models work like a charm for single families and for those who prefer to cook in small batches.


Despite being a gadget in its own right, a blender is a type of food processor as well. They’re capable of several processing features such as crushing ice, blending soups, making smoothies, and iced alcoholic beverages. Unlike other food processors, though, blenders aren’t capable of making shredded cheeses, chopping fruits and veggies, and kneading dough.

Key Benefits of Using a Food Processor for Meal Prep

Preparing food is a daunting task for many of us. Especially if you’re a parent on the go, a student, or someone who just has no time for cooking. With a food processor, you can spend less time cooking your favorite meals.

At this point, you know more about what a food processor is. And you’re aware of what the main types of food processors do. Let us now discover how these handy gadgets can lend you a blade in the kitchen.

Food processors of any size and model are:

Perfect for Beginners

Mixing and chopping food by hand is both time-consuming and hard. Especially if you’re new to cooking, suffer from arthritis, or don’t cook that often. A food processor makes the meal prep process quicker while giving your food that professional chef touch.

Great for Fast Food Preparation

You may have a large family or want to prepare enough meals for the whole week. If so, the chore of chopping, mincing, and mixing everything may feel like an impossible challenge. Food processors do all the heavy meal prep work in a short amount of time. And they cut everything evenly. Some food processors even measure everything you process.

Ideal for Cooking in a Healthier Way

Getting the most out of your food is key to making a healthy diet work. A food processor helps by offering a variety of tools that make adding veggies, fruits, and other foods simple. Food processors also make trying almost any new recipe easy.

Well-Suited for Making Large and Small Batches Alike

Depending on the model, a food processor may offer a capacity ranging between 5 cups and 12 cups. Small processors have the capacity of only 5 to 6 cups. And larger models offer the max 12 cup capacity bowls.

Extremely Versatile

With their many blades and other extra features, food processors work for just about any recipe. From soups and casseroles to smoothies and salads, food processors make cooking almost everything fun thanks to all the functions. And food processors make such challenging tasks as grinding meat and kneading dough easier than ever.


Busy lifestyles often leave many people skipping out on cooking at home. A food processor makes it easy to get your ingredients prepped quickly. So you can cook and eat without wasting any time in between.


Food processors are designed with commercial kitchens and busy homes in mind. This means they’re built to withstand heavy use for longer periods of time. Food processors are made of thicker plastics, glass, and high-quality metal. This ensures you have a kitchen gadget that’s always sharp and ready whenever you need it.

Nice Substitute for Blenders

One can technically class a blender as a food processor. Most food processors, however, work a lot better than blenders. These kitchen gadgets can perform more tasks and do more work for the same amount of counter space and price.

A Food Processor: Your One-Stop Kitchen Helper

There seems to be no kitchen out there that couldn’t use what a food processor has to offer. This kitchen gadget can optimize almost every task that you face in your kitchen. And it can take your cooking game up a notch.

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