Friday, 21 Jun 2024

Flirting Covertly? Here Are Emojis You Can Use

When it comes to flirting online, we all have our horror stories. Who doesn’t have an embarrassing experience regarding texting, chatting, and DM’ing? In this day and age, flirting is certainly a skill; that’s why everyone should know some tricks in order to get ahead of the game. Emojis are perfect for this because you are communicating something you want without fully verbalizing it.

In this article, we’ve listed down some emojis that can help you with this task. Remember that flirting is something you don’t have to truly excel or make an effort to master the skills for; you just have to be vigilant of the time and context and be as smooth as you can be. Here are emojis you can use for it:


Sword emoji.

The crossed sword emoji represents something hidden, something that’s guarded, something that needs to be unlocked before going in. Its main use is to represent battles and wars, as crossed swords are commonly used as sigils in the olden times when clans fight each other for honor. Today; you can use the crossed sword emoji to mean that you are willing to fight whatever battle you need to go through to get the person’s sweet “yes”.

Peach emoji.

The peach emoji has become a symbol of homoerotic pleasure because of a contemporary movie called “Call Me By Your Name.” It represents the derriere, the butt, the backside of a person. Thank the Kardashians as well as JLo for the trend of having ample backside on the ladies, and social media has truly proliferated it.

You can use this emoji when you want to explore your wild side. Or you can simply use this emoji as a comment to the person’s thirst trap featuring their derriere. Commenting this on their posts, stories, etc., will surely send the message that you see them and that you appreciate what you see. You can even use this emoji as a caption when you want to post your own thirst trap for the boys!

See no evil emoji

What’s great about the see no evil emoji is that you are feigning disgust while also being very interested in what the other person has to say. It’s like saying, “that’s wild, and you’re embarrassing me, but I’m very into this right now.” If that’s the message you want to communicate, then, by all means, use this emoji.

You can also use this emoji after a dirty confession. Let’s say that you’re thinking about them in a sexy way, and you want them to know, you can tell them upfront via text, DM, or PM with the see no evil emoji after. It will read to them as something you’re very embarrassed to say but is saying it anyway.

Devilish grin emoji

Another great emoji to let the other person know that you are thinking about some cheeky and naughty time is the devilish grin emoji. It’s an emoji that you should only use when you think that the person you’re texting to could take the upfront nature of what you’re saying. For example, adding a devilish grin emoji after the message, “can’t wait to see you tonight,” will arouse anticipation from your lady friend.


These are just some of the many emojis you can use to flirt effectively yet covertly online. Always bear in mind that flirting can be on the person’s posts and timeline, but it is more effective when you go out of your way to use these emojis on private and direct messages. This way, you get the response you anticipate to get, and when all else fails, you won’t make an ass out of yourself!

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