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Why Is Fire Extinguisher Maintenance So Important?

In Australia, you must get servicing of your fire extinguishers, fire blankets & fire hose reels every six months. Fire extinguishers are crucial to controlling the spread of fire in a fire emergency. Moreover, there is a law in Queensland that the workplaces should have proper and working fire systems in their facility.

Every year, the bushfire season in Brisbane and the rest of QLD lasts from August to December. Being prepared is your best defence against it. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher or fire system installed in your office yet, you must talk to fire protection services in Brisbane and install one. However, having a fire extinguisher isn’t enough if it is not in working condition.

Hence, proper maintenance of fire extinguishers is essential. Not only is it a legal requirement, but since extinguishers play such a critical part in putting a fire out before it goes out of control, the fire system must work when it is needed.

Fire Extinguisher

What Do Fire Extinguishers Do?

Fire extinguishers play a significant role in first-hand fire-fighting. They can prove to be the difference between a tiny localized incident that quickly gets put out or even the fire and rescue service arriving to find a furious fire that puts your life, property, and the environment in danger.

But you will want your extinguisher to work as expected. As such, you must maintain it properly. For example, if the safety pin in your extinguisher has rusted, it may mean that the pin cannot get removed, leaving the fire extinguisher unworkable.

Notice Your Fire Extinguisher Tag

Have you ever checked your fire extinguisher and found tags attached to it? These are the tags that show when that specific fire extinguisher was examined. This information can provide you [building owner] crucial information regarding the maintenance of your fire extinguishers.

What Should You Do?

You must talk to fire protection services in Brisbane and ensure that you go for annual fire extinguisher checks. Since professionals have relevant training, experience, qualifications, tools, equipment, and access to components and refills, they can ensure your machine’s proper working. According to the Brisbane City Council, property owners may be asked to remove some vegetation and check if their premises have protected vegetation per the Natural Assets Local Laws.

Fire protection services will take no time to identify and rectify any issue related to your fire system. Professionals can clean, lubricate, or even replace the pin of your fire extinguisher if needed. Moreover, fire protection professionals look for several things when they conduct annual inspections.

Apart from the annual inspection, your fire extinguishers need a detailed six-year inspection and twelve-year inspection [called a hydrotest].

What is the Use of Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspections?

Through annual inspections, the fire protection experts will inspect whether there were any meddling or signs of damage to your fire extinguisher that led to your fire machine not working. The experts will also look for the right pressure that is an essential component of a properly working fire extinguisher.

Moreover, fire experts will check if there is the proper volume of the extinguishing agent inside, and they also look for the proper sum of free-flowing powder in your fire extinguisher.

To some up, if peace of mind is essential for you, proper maintenance of all fire extinguishers on your premises is a must. Talk to fire protection services in Brisbane and check out their cost-effective fire extinguisher maintenance plans for the utmost safety in your place.

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