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Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Similar to the ones you can get on your head (hair extensions) eyelash extensions can be attached to existing eyelashes in a semi-permanent way. These extensions are usually made from silk, mink or a synthetic material. If you want eyelashes that don’t feel like they overburden your eyes then look to quality extensions.  Let’s take a look at 7 things about eyelash extensions:

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eyelash extensions

  1. Fixing eyelash extensions is a luxurious process

Semi temporary eyelashes need to be applied by a technician. This process is more expensive than applying traditional fake lashes. The technician should be skilled enough to hand-glue the extensions on your natural lashes. These extensions don’t come in strip-like other extensions, so they can be tailor customized to actually look like the real deal. ‘

With proper care, eyelash extensions can last up to eight weeks before they fall out like regular eyelashes.

  1. Get eyelash extensions from a reputable salon

There are no short cuts to eyelash extensions; you will get what you pay for. That’s why we’d advise that you purchase extensions from reputable outlets to get genuine quality. If you buy cheap, expect not-so-cute extensions or a poorly applied eyelash extension.

No matter how good and tempting the coupon discount is, only go for products from well-reviewed salons. Make sure that your technician follows the due process of washing hands, using a mask, pillow covers and sterilizers to do the job. If you want to purchase or fix eyelash extensions we’d recommend the professionals at I-Lashes: eyelash extensions Brisbane salon

  1. Eyelash extensions are customizable

Eyelash extensions are customizable and don’t look like you just fixed a regular strip to your lid.  Their customizable feature allows you to choose the length which can vary from 9 to 15mm.

You can also customize the curl to suit your eyelid aesthetics.   C curls will give you a more dramatic look while J curls are for more natural looks.  To customize the curls even further, go for a J curl on the innermost parts of the eye while a C curl at the edges will make for a more cat-eye look.

  1. Eyelash extensions can last longer than you think

If you give them the care that is required, eyelash extensions can last for about 2 months.  Have them retouched by your technician every 2-3weeks and avoid water and oily products from getting close to it.

  1. You can wear make-up with eyelashes

You don’t have to ditch the make-up you normally use on eyelashes because you are wearing extensions. But there are a few rules to follow if you want to see it last long; liquid-based eye products can be damaging to your extensions, so avoid them by all means. Stay away from using mascara entirely, because they can damage the extensions. Unless the extensions have lived out their usefulness, don’t apply mascara on them.

  1. Don’t allow extensions ruin your natural eyelashes

Yes you heard me right. Eyelash extensions can ruin your natural eyelashes, but it doesn’t have to. With proper care and observing some safety tips you will do just fine. By all mean do not attempt to pull eyelash extensions with your bare hands. If you do, be prepared to accidentally remove natural lashes along with the extensions.  Besides, its an extremely painful thing t do, I wonder why anyone would contemplate pulling extensions with their fingers.

  1. Consult with your technician to have them professionally removed

The best way to get your eyelash extension removed is by using the services of a professional technician. Removing eyelash extension is as painless as putting them one if you use a professional. Don’t go about trying to pull them off with your fingers. If you are patient, they will fall off naturally but I’d rather not wait for that to happen.

On that note

So you want eyelash extension to give you that Kim Kardashian eyes you’ve always dreamed of? It is a good thing to desire but be warned that not everyone can handle them. The kind of lashes you get will depend on the length of your natural eyelashes and the strength of them as well. A technician is in the best position to recommend the proper eyelash to use.  Don’t feel bad if your natural lashes can’t handle the weight of extensions; they weren’t made for everyone.

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