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The 4 Things to Expect While Having an Eye Examination Done at an Optical Store

Optical stores usually offer an eye test with an in-house optometrist or a specialist in eye health care. An eye test is essential when you want to get the right prescription lenses. Top optical stores in Australia, like 1001 Optical optometry, for example, will recommend these tests before they can recommend eyeglasses.

There are other considerations when you buy glasses, of course, such as the right frame, type of lens, and matching colours. However, an eye exam is the most important factor to keep in mind.

Eye Examination Done at an Optical Store

What to Expect in an Eye Exam

Here are some things to expect from an eye exam:

  • The optometrist will conduct a test to assess the condition of your eye’s ocular surface.
  • It will test your current visual acuity, which will help to determine the best-suited glasses for you.
  • The eye exam will also test for potential lazy eye, eye strain, and other eye conditions.
  • The eye exam may also include a test for glaucoma and other diseases.
  • An exam will also determine whether you are farsighted or nearsighted.
  • Your depth perception will also be measured
  • Your eye coordination will also be tested

Eye experts, such as those from 1001 Optical sunglasses, will use eye exams to assess the overall condition of your eyes. Think of them as a family doctor that focuses mainly on eye health.

Level of Technology Used

You can tell the best optical stores by the type of eye exams that they administer. If the in-house optometrist still uses old equipment that has long been outdated, then you may want to rethink things and maybe go to a different store just to be safe.

You see, eye care technology has gone by leaps and bounds. There is better eye testing equipment today than there were around a decade ago. Some of the newer technologies that are in use by eye experts in our day include the following:

  • Specular microscope
  • Internal imaging camera
  • Visual field tester
  • Retinal camera
  • Slit lamp

The equipment that optometrists use today usually produces faster results, so you don’t need to wait that long to find out which type of lens suits you best. They are also more accurate, and the eye doctor can give you a prescription in a matter of minutes.

Not Every Eye Exam in the Book

Some optometrists may suggest a lot of eye exams that will take up a huge amount of your time. When that happens, you should inquire why you need those exams before they are administered.

The fact is that you don’t need a lot of eye tests nowadays. An expert eye doctor can interview you and from that interview, and an initial test, experts nowadays can determine exactly which tests will be required to make an accurate assessment.

So, why do other optometrists require lots of eye exams?  The truth is, they can be money-making machines. Note that each test that they conduct is a checkbox on the bill they will send you. That is on top of the consultation fee.

Stores that Carry the Eyeglasses That You Need

Apart from the availability of an in-house optometrist and the best eye exam technology, one last thing to consider is the availability of eyeglasses in a store. Sure, they may be able to tell you which types of glasses you need, but can they supply what you need?

Choose the optical store that provides you with the right eye exams. Apart from that, make sure you know what to expect from these tests and that the store carries the very prescriptions that you need.

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