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Essential Tips for New Runners

Running can strengthen your muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, boost your health and help you maintain a healthy weight, so it is no wonder that this discipline is enjoyed by millions of people across the planet. One of the best things about running is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Just a pair of good shoes and you are good to go! Running also doesn’t require a pricy gym membership or any special conditions so you can run almost anytime, anywhere. If you are interested in becoming a runner, here are some tips that will help you get started on the right foot.

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Essential Tips for New Runners

Talk to your doctor

Before you hit the tracks make sure you talk to your physician and see what they have to say about your new exercise regime. Although they will probably support your healthy lifestyle choices, they might give you an advice or two and tell you what to avoid.

Buy a great pair of running shoes

For starters you don’t have to invest in fancy running attire, your old sweatshirt or a pair of leggings will do just fine. However, one thing you need to own is a quality pair of shoes. Instead of relying on your friend’s advice or buying a pair you saw online just because they come in your favorite color, visit a store with running equipment and get fitted for the best shoes for you. A great pair of running shoes will offer arch support and reduce the risk of injuries such as shin splints. This is one of the most common injuries among beginner runners, so be sure to find out more about shin splints at and learn how to keep yourself safe.

Warm-up before you run

Contrary to popular belief, stretching before a run won’t keep your body safe and free from injury. Instead, you should warm up by walking or slowly jogging for about 10 minutes. This way you will prevent injury and improve your performance.

Combine running with walking

You want to build endurance while making sure you are not putting too much stress on the joints, so for starters combine your runs with walking. For example, you can run for one minute and then walk for one minute. In time gradually increase the running intervals and eventually make the switch to all running.

Do not overdo it

Maybe you want to lose those extra pounds as quickly as possible, but if you start running like a maniac you might get injured and part ways with this exercise routine forever. Instead of going overboard, keep a comfortable pace while breathing in through your nose. If you are not able to speak in full sentences without running out of breath, you are running too fast so slow down. After your run cool down by doing some easy jogging and gentle stretching.

Pay attention to your nutrition

In order to boost your performance and speed up your post-workout recovery, you need to pay attention to your diet. Although running burns a lot of calories, you cannot simply throw caution to the wind and eat whatever you get your hands on. Instead, focus on eating a healthy and well-balanced diet while avoiding saturated fats, fried foods, candy and alcohol.

Now put those shoes on and hit the pavement!

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