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Essential Bird Guano Clearance in Slough

Bird droppings are unsightly but many of us pass them without considering that they pose health and safety risks. They’re not going to injure or kill you, are they? Perhaps there’s a mass of pigeons in the town centre or starlings loitering around a pub hoping for a snack to land at their claws, they look innocent enough. However, if you have a little poop knowledge, you might revise your answer. The facts can persuade you to take action or impress the need for bird guano clearance on management so that no one suffers.

bird guano

Infestations of birds might attack people, cause noise disturbance, damage properties and vehicles in the area but it’s what they emit that poses the greatest risks to humans. As small birds excrete up to fifty times every day (because they need to be light to fly) their bi-products can mount up at a staggering pace. Local company Apex Bird Control is regularly called upon to clear guano and any secondary infestations at Slough’s commercial and domestic properties. They effectively manage the birds’ relocation and deterrents too.

What makes bird guano clearance a professional only job?

You might decide that clearing away bird waste is not pleasant but that you don’t need specialist equipment or an appreciation of what you’re handling or how to dispose of it but as with most things, it’s more complicated. Firms with qualified and experienced experts take on the work because they understand that there are risks and the safety measures that must be taken. Do you have the necessary PPE and RPE on site? Do you know where to dispose of the guano? What price do you place on protecting others and yourself from significant health and safety risks? The costs involved in guano clearance services and bird control installations are highly competitive. Your DIY methods have the potential to develop into unwelcome situations  If there was no need for specialists, they wouldn’t exist so enjoy the peace of mind that comes with trusting the right people with the task.

5 Health and Safety Risks

The health implications of handling guano or of breathing it in as airborne dust or in water droplets are significant. Salmonella, Gastroenteritis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis present horrid symptoms from fever to cramps and can kill. The fungus that grows in the droppings can cause the lung infection Histoplasmosis. Whilst adults can be depended upon not to ingest or voluntarily pick up guano, a curious child won’t realise the dangers of placing that interesting blob in their mouth. Securing the area, clearance and cleaning in line with the HSE legislation are vital measures that stop a tragedy from occurring whilst safety in the environment you’re responsible for remains uncompromised.

  • When bird nests block ventilation systems this means that the air being breathed in might contain the bacteria which causes the health issues or that carbon monoxide can circulate in a space. As we know, carbon monoxide is a killer.
  • Birds can cause substantial damage to properties when roosting and building nests. Did you know that their waste is acidic and so has the capability to weaken the surface that it rests on? This has been known to result in roof spaces, solar panels and canopies collapsing. You don’t need a mountain of bird waste to see ramifications. A regular deposit on the roof will be enough to cause structural issues.
  • Walking on damp or wet guano causes falls and slips. An industrial or personal injury claim might follow an incident and this will undoubtedly cost more than seeking a Slough guano clearance service provider.
  • This point seems incredible at first glance but sadly can devastate if given the right circumstances. Bird guano is highly flammable and it contains nitrate, sulphur, phosphorus and ammonium so if there is a fire on site you can rely on the waste to offer the flames fuel to wreak more havoc.

Property damage will not only reduce the kerb appeal and the overall property value but remedial work would have to be undertaken, with noticeable cost implications. Slough’s guano removal firms cost far less. When was the last time that you thought of smatterings of bird poo as an attractive and welcoming feature? That’s how your guests and potential clients and associates feel too. First impressions matter, don’t let them be based on bird matter.

The importance of health and safety in our home, social and work environments cannot be overstated so seek advice from Apex Bird Control or another specialist today.

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