Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Top 5 Emojis To Express Your Sadness

The expression means a look on one’s face that carries different specific emotions. In this generation, we often express our feelings in our text messages or emails through emojis. There might be many ways to show our emotions, but with the help of emojis, it conveys our messages adequately, especially when you want them to know that we’re feeling down.

This year, we’re all advised to stay in our homes because of the pandemic. Most of us communicate with our loved ones and friends via text messages or some social media platforms and in what best ways to express our feelings but by using emojis in our messages. Particularly now, when most of us are feeling gloomy. Here are some top 5 emojis to express your sadness.

Emojis To Express Your Sadness

Weary Face 

An emoji with furrowed brows, closed eyes, and open frowned mouth is a weary face emoji. This means that the person sending you this could be tired physically or mentally. It could also mean frustration or exhaustion. Weary emoji can be used when you want to share what happened to your day, such as being exhausted from work.

It could also be used when you send a message to your friend about work and something you can’t handle, such as a heavy or difficult task. This also points out when the person experiences an extensive range of overwhelmed emotions, from extreme tiredness to ironic pity party to be euphoric.

Pensive Face 

An emoji with a yellow face, sad closed eyes, furrowed brows, and a little flat mouth is a pensive face emoji. This emoji, also known as a remorseful face emoji, conveys different sad emotions, including hurt or loneliness. It also indicates being regretful, mournful, or sorry.

This emoji is also commonly used when you turn down an invitation, such as someone inviting you to a party or dinner, and you can’t come. By adding this emoji to your message, it will show that you are feeling sorry or regret.

Crying Face 

An emoji with raised eyebrows and slightly frowning with a single tear from one eye down its cheek is a crying face emoji. This emoji conveys a modest level of sadness or hurt. It is less extreme than the loudly crying face emoji. It is mostly all about being very sad about something and almost crying because of the pain.

This emoji is often confused with the sad but relieved face emoji and sleepy face emoji because of its blue tears. It also has a version of a cat crying face emoji/?? . You can use these emoji by delivering sad news like you did not get a call back from an audition, you are feeling down and out, and you feel like crying, so you send a message to your mom with this emoji.

Loudly Crying Face 

An emoji with closed eyes, tears streaming down the face, and an open mouth wailing is a loudly crying face emoji. This emoji conveys an extreme emotion of grief and devastation. This also belongs to the emoji group for intense feelings such as a face with tears of joy that tells overwhelming joy or uncontrollable laughter.

It is quite obvious that the loudly crying face emoji means hurt and upset. This emoji is also known as the sobbing, bawling, sad tears emoji. One example is sending a message to your best friend about you, and your boyfriend broke up with the loudly crying face emoji.

Disappointed Face 

An emoji that has downcast eyes and has a closed frowned mouth is a disappointed face emoji. This emoji conveys many unhappy feelings, including disappointment, remorse, stress, and many more. This is also often associated with the pensive face emoji because of its similarity. This emoji is used for everything from not meeting one’s expectations to people or pets passing away.


There are many ways to express our sadness, especially right now that we are mostly communicating through text messages or in our other social media accounts. But the best way to express our feelings is through talking, finding someone to share it with, in how and what we feel. Yes, emojis help, but a simple call to your loved ones wouldn’t hurt.

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